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Almost 5 years ago @macmiller fell in love with the great Sun Ra. Mac hit me up so excited that there was this whole universe of music that just opened up to him. He started making connections to artists ra influenced, like so many things suddenly made sense. we talked about sun ra, all the crazy sounds, visuals and his deep philosophy. I knew exactly how it felt to be so mind blown so even then, I was grateful to be one of the friends to bond with him over Ra. So many great things came out of that deep dive.
When I moved to the neighborhood Mac came thru and blessed me with this beautifully framed gift. I really couldn’t believe he could be so thoughtful but that’s just how he was.
Love you forever.

Tokyo//Sonic Mania

BRAINFEEDER X JAPAN pop up shop+ KUSO next week!

KUSO bts Pt.1 shot by @glenjamn ::spoilers::


KUSO (2017) 🔥@one__perfect__shot


KUSO started as an animation. @davidfirth66 taught me how to use after effects and the whole thing unraveled naturally. Made this piece and it inspired the “smear” segment.

KUSO // flight of the glorious chicken pigs(alt take) //animated by david Nicolas @blackholesfilm

Kuso #bts SMEAR

KUSO #bts we used 35mm on half the film. This bit was shot by @norm_li

KUSO “Roachman” head designed by Tim Martin from @thestudioadi

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