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Happy #nationaldogday to only the best dogs in the world !! 🐶❤️I am so great full to have all of you in my life ❤️❤️#lovedogs #lovelife #love #greatful

Your best friend doesn’t always have to be a human🐴❤️#lastsummer #2017 #lovelife #loveanimals

And into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul🌲❤️#banffnationalpark #lovelife #beautiful #forest

Over every mountain there is a path,although it may not be seen from the valley ❤️😌🏞🌄❤️#banffnationalpark

All of life has peaks and valleys. Don’t let the peaks get to high and the valleys get to low⛰🏞

Friends are the ones you can cry with and not care, poor your feelings on them and they listen, eat ice cream all night and get fat, but most of all be there for you and always be by your side 🙏🏻❤️

The Beauty of life

I miss this little one so much but I know you are in a better place 😔❤️ your not suffering, hurting,crying your watching over us and I love you so much . Love you Gemma

Happy #natinalhorseday ❤️❤️ Love you CC your the best thing ever ❤️


I just want to give a shot out to this Beautiful girl ❤️ Zoe yuh are such a strong person one of the strongest people I know . You have been through so much and still going through a lot but your still you .💕 You inspire me in so many different ways and you should be proud of your self. Keep doing what your doing girl 🤞🏻 2 of my favourite friend ship quotes are “ True friends are never apart maybe in distance but never in heart “💗💗 “ I maybe not always be there with you but I will always be there for you and those are for you 🌹🍁 love you Zoe ♥️

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