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Life with a grandson. I moved my blanket and this is what I found. #NotReal #NotAfraidOfSnakes #HisIdeaOfASurprise

The fun of blue icing

Just because we can....

If only my old Chucks could talk to my new Chucks. Oh the stories they would tell. In 7 years we've had so many adventures together. #WearingThemUntilTheyFallApart #IMayHaveToDuctTapeThem #FinallyWornIn

At times you just need a reminder.

I was so upset I just washed my car the day before; then I saw a double rainbow. Life was good again.

When you need to have four stuffed animals on each pillow. #OCDAndOnlyTwo

First time wearing sunglasses since December

Your heart melts when your grandson says to you 'E you're my best friend. I love you'

This boys falls asleep in the weirdest positions.

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