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On my Live they wanted me to do a P Mix considering the song that was playing this my dedication to all you renegades aaaayyyyeeeeee #rhgo #hgo #304 #304life #renegades Remember it ain’t gotta be me make it somebody IJS THO

No caption Needed

Who can you Run to P Mix aaaayyyeee #rhgo #hgo #304 #304life #hoe #hoesbelike

This One for the Strippers 😍 #rhgo #hgo #strippers #304

They don’t love hoes cause they ain’t PimPs the only man that can ever love An Not only accept a hoe for who she is Issa PimP 💯💯💯💯💯 my new hit single called I Love need an want ya hoin aaayyyyeeeee !!! #rhgo #hgo #304 #304life

@cashmoneylavishd @pirategang_rida on the yard gassing during yard recall now how real is that 💯 old footage sent to me of real niggas doing real shit #worldstarhiphop #realniggashit #bankdup4life #bankdup #whatelse

Aaayyyeee y’all Go Get This anywhere you can buy music at Support the real Mr hella Bracking Did it from a cell he been down 16 years this how you have a home coming it’s your time Shine @pirategang_rida

A Fly Clyde Compilation aaaayyyyee #rpgo #rhgo #pgo #hgo

#macdremonday #macdre #flyclyde #rpgo #rpgo #rhgo #hgo Bitchs Be falling in love with the trick then get mad cause they regular tricking on other bitchs jokes on u bitch 😂😂😂😂😂

mr So PimPish aaaayyyyeee #rpgo #pgo #rhgo #hgo

No Caption Needed Undisputed Truth 💯

1987 I’m in Fred c Nellis Youth Authority my first morning I wake up to go in my locker all my shit gone 😮 Batman From 80 MSB walk up to me ( mind you all this is just to see where a nigga heart is 💯) blood what’s bracking another fact back in those days using a word with a C in it was instant DP ) I said all my shit gone he say throw a fuck I’m like what’s a fuck he said go turn the tv off An say fuck your set An dead homies who ever took yo shit I get to walking towards the TV I’m 13 really scared ass fuck but I walk to the TV An before I can cut the T.V off the Bounty Hunters was like Blood don’t do it or we gone all need that fade it’s like 7 niggas from bounty hunters I got down with one got my shit back NO PASSES WAS GIVING AN EVERY NIGGA WAS TESTED funny shit as I type this 30 years later the attitude change but the TEST EVERYTHING method still applies An works like a charm when you want to see intentions actions speak louder than words one of them LIFE LESSONS I learned in blood sweat An tears salute to my origins teaching me how to mash An to be harder by myself than with my homies why you think I don’t give a fuck An bars NONE An will slap the shit outta a bitch or bitch nigga ... You wanna be Like me but couldn’t walk a day in my shoes An survive the things I have An still be strong An solid My creator has a plan for me 💯 A GOD IN THESE STREETS

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