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Smoking Sipping Champagne enjoying this fly Friday watching sea turtles #hawaii #bossshit #pimp #rpgo #pgo #rhgo #hgo

Free the king of Sac @cashmoneylavishd @bankdupent

Free My Nigga @cashmoneylavishd out here in this Hawaii fucking wit #bankedup finest my nigga @damedollaz12

A Message to all you bitchs My Conversation Consists of PimPing Please Don't waste your time if you ain't trying to be broke on a PimPed on them niggas have girlfriends HOES have me an I'm gone keep the P in Want to be courted im not for you wanna be Played I'm not for you think a PimP need You move over let a real hoe in my view looking for anything other than being successful go play wit ya kids a mean a lil kid who don't know were he goin in Life #rpgo #pgo #rhgo #

Champagne An Me blessed & happy grateful An thankful #rpgo #pgo #rhgo #hgo #kingshit #flyshit #hawaii #rkelly #goodmorning #goodvibes

Fly Clyde serving P. Clyde #rpgo #pgo #rhgo #hgo

Everybody wanna be a PimP till it's time to do some PimP shit if your known only on the internet GET YO NON PIMPING ASS OUT THE WAY most You niggas screaming PimPing couldn't send a bitch to the welfare office An only reason you probably got a bitch cause you made it easy for her gave her some shit she ain't earned believe it or not that's the moment she knew she had a sucker in you ✌🏾✌🏾 #rpgo #pgo #rhgo #hgo

Cheers To the Game #rpgo #pgo #rhgo #hgo

Your just Living While I create the Life I want to Live !! #rpgo #pgo #rhgo #hgo

Good Morning my bad it's morning in Hawaii aaayyyyeee no Tip Drill But here's A Tip For you bitchs

Say I ain't Gone Lie I do it for the Game An Put it on the Gram find a rapper trapper that's doin it like me FUCK YOU IM CONCEDED I GOT REASONS GO AROUND THE WORLD AN FIND ANOTHER ME YOU CANT !!! but I can go down my timeline An find a you on every other Post I don't dream of living GOOD I LIVE GOOD I DONT DREAM OF GETTING PAID I GET PAYED AN PUT IT ON THE GRAM put the true you on the GRAM πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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