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Aaaayyyyyyyeeee Sum Mo Of It say hoe you got them choosing heels on Give it Too Me surrender 👑👑👑 #pgo #rpgo #rhgo #hgo

Sum Mo Of It #rpgo #pgo #rhgo #hgo

Go check Out My mini Movie An make sure you subscribe to sinful the P you tube channel while you checking me out link in the bio #rpgo #pgo #rhgo #hgo

My dedication to the dedicated 304s with they choosing shoes here's a social media Rose 🌹 from a PimP that's a real nigga a real nigga that PimPs every PimP ain't a real nigga An every real nigga ain't a PimP #rpgo #rhgo #pgo #hgo

Game !!! Better yet knowledge An wisdom don't be her option be her choice there's a difference lol PimPs break on hoes An get chose not chose & befriend em when she say she feeling you when you her choice she gone hand it over immediately doing everything you say when you her option she gone make you chase her An do it her way SURE AS THEIR IS A GOD YOULL NEVER BE ABLE TO PIMP Break on her maybe Smash for the cashoff top if she got more drag than ru Paul let her other option do his thang but look in the mirror op ya collar An say good PimPing aaayyyeeeeeee #rpgo #pgo

Too many options only confuses a confused mind more you can't look for perfection in somebody else when you haven't perfected yourself ... PimPs Get Better don't grow to be a old bitter hoe cause you thought to much of yourself while you were young time flys grind hard now dedicate commit yourself watch the difference in your life #rpgo #pgo #rhgo #hgo

Happy Sunday People Up PoPPing my Ps looking down on the Ocean but never on People #rpgo #pgo #rhgo #hgo #kingshit #lengendary

#rpgo #pgo #rhgo #hgo new island beautiful view in a tropical part of Hawaii overlooking the Pacific Ocean with my own pool An mini waterfall how fly is that

Strictly for The 304s top of it have a hoefabulous day #rhgo #hgo #nogfe luv live enjoy life I know most y'all don't hear it to often but your the shit P . Clyde know it ain't easy An salute you for keeping on keeping on remember you gotta be in the GAME to reap the benefits of the GAME this game is tricky it will give you instant gratification in exchange for a lifetime of heartache An pain or you can play yo part go thru the fire to be refined An taught lessons that will last a lifetime An reap the benefits for a lifetime aaaaaayyyyyyeeee. Ain't No ISM LiKE P CLYDE ISM

Top of it the Fly Clyde Way #rpgo #pgo #rhgo #hgo #kingshit

Square Bitchs be like ain't no way but these hoes won't have it no other way #pimp #rpgo #pgo #rhgo #hgo #kingshit

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