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Day Lynn BF  California girl working at an Apple Store and taking photos on the side Most photos taken with 📱


I'm lucky to have many positive, funny, supportive guys in my life, and thought I'd share a pic of four of them for man crush Monday. Here's my amazing main squeeze with our different roomies at our wedding. #mcm Thanks for being awesome!

I took a break from braiding all the time, but today I wanted a secure updo for a busy day at work that included leading a photo walk when it was 90 degrees! Here's my dutch french side braid now, nearly 12 hours later. Still holdin' up, just a bit messy. #braid #dutchfrenchbraid #blondebraid

Today at the dog park: Luna's shadow is larger than her! #luna #stellalunabear #puppyshadow #shadow #losgatoscreekdogpark #losgatoscreekcountypark

Get to see Conor Oberst tonight! My dad cut out this pic of him from Rolling Stone and put it in this silly frame for me in probably...2004? It's moved around with me to be displayed, oddly, on my desk ever since. If this show is anything like the other two times I've seen him, I will probably be moved to tears at some point. I'm that person. #conoroberst #conoroberstticket #pictureframe #fishframe

New succulent flower bud. I've never seen this one flower, so I have no idea what it'll look like...

I make this same face when @jedeye and @jaycruz145 start saying movie quotes back and forth. I'm with you Cece! (Winston and Schmidt start quoting Se7en in this scene) #newgirl #cece #relatable

Keepin' an eye on the neighborhood. #luna #stellalunabear #puppy #watchdog

Took a photo of Luna with the flash on while she was refusing to come back inside. At midnight. I have a super(defiant)dog on my hands! #luna #stellalunabear #greeneyes #superman #diptych

Happy Birthday Michael! Thanks for the pizza, drinks, and ice cream cake @xmaverickf14x! What every boy, I mean man, dreams of! 😂 #birthdaycake #blowoutthecandles #happybirthday

Joe and I hiked around Fremont Older today for the first time. Of course we took the pup. Flowers/Apple Park in the distance/silly selfies, one in which we are howling to get Luna's attention and she just looks at us like we're crazy (she's not wrong) #getoutside #hike #fremontolder #luna #stellalunabear #wildflowers #openspacepreserve #cupertino

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