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John Fluevog Shoes  Unique soles for unique souls since 1970 | #fluevog 👻: fluevogshoes


Fluevogs ❤️ Summer playdates. The BALDWIN (left), MODOTTI, and ENTHUSIAST are all ON SALE now! 😱

Relax, won't you? Fluevogs ❤️ Summer. Get The VIOLA in stores or online now! 😉

Mega Munsters like these think Summer is absolutely DEEE-lightful. ❤️

If you're going to fish for something, let it be a pair of CANOPY platforms! They're ON SALE now! Fluevogs ❤️ Summer

Guess how our ENTHUSIASTs feel about Summer? ❤️️❤️️❤️️ They're ON SALE now!

The art of trying not to fall in. Fluevogs like The ACE FACE ❤️ Summer... but not so much getting wet.

The Tasty Vog HERMINE ❤️s Summer & is ON SALE now!

Fluevogs like The ELLA BAKER ❤️ Summer fun!

Not only do Fluevogs like The MALALA ❤️ Summer. They're ON SALE too! Check out our markdowns in stores or online now!

Life is a party with The BALDWIN! Get 'em ON SALE now! Fluevogs ❤️ Summer

New to Fluevog? Get your feet wet (but maybe not so literally) with The PETTITT! They're ON SALE now. Fluevogs ❤️️️ Summer!

Don't try this at home, but Fluevogs like the INVESTIGATOR totally ❤️ Summer.

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