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Mr. Sheeeesh  Y'all in ya bag, I'm on my path ✝️ "Sheeeeesh, I look good" Never lose sight of your purpose. Never lose sight of yourself. #BIGBLESSINGS🙏🏾


Allow God to be your keeper of time. Do not move until God Sez so. A lot of time we move based upon those around us and not the one who has the masterplan for our lives. Have a blessed day today

A lot of times we begin to focus on what we are going through, but we never ask ourselves WHY? What is currently in the works that has me facing these Giants I can't overcome? We always ask for blessings and new things, but are we taking care of the blessing we already have? Sometimes God will strip you of everything to show you that he is the provider and you did not get it on your own. Sometimes you need to be thankful and thank the right one. This message is not for everybody, but someone will receive it and I am blessed to be a blessing to another. Stay loved up and prayed up, most of all spend that time with the Lord. Have a blessed day 🙏🏾

Dave St. Fluddtrick

Dang my AD really married. Just want thank God for combining these two together as one and allowing them to grow under your guidance. Please continue to watch over them both and keep them in your sights. Be the uniting force because no love is stronger than yours. I was happy to be here for this experience and to know both of you while I was in college. You both have grown so much and welcomed a beautiful baby in the world. Tell LJ uncle fludd got him if he ever needs me. Be blessed, love y'all. 🙏🏾

I don't know who this message is for, but if it's for you, please understand the message. We all are given individual gifts that help determine what we do. Utilize your gifts and expand upon them to take you onto the next phase of your journey. To be comfortable can be a wall that you've built up yourself. I have seen some of my followers pursuing dreams that they were called to do and I thank you for that, continue to show that purpose is the key to a successful life. #FluddFacts. be blessed 🙏🏾❤️

We often want to give up in our toughest situations, but when you keep going there may be something grand waiting for you. Stay focused on getting through the your current situation and aim to grow from it.
Have a beautiful and blessed day today 🙏🏾
#WisdomFeed #FluddYourMind

Hebrews 12: 2-3
Just read this any time you say you can't succeed or life is too hard. Have a blessed week. Love y'all #FluddYourMind

It's levels to the sheesh!😊 have a beautiful Friday

Be blessed today and understand this body that God blessed you with is a temple. No matter your shape or size, take care of it and I'm not just talking about fitness or working out, but in everything you do. You have to know that God wakes you up everyday for a reason, find that reason and get towards it.
Have a beautiful and blessed Friday, take care of yourself.

Had a blast with EOF this weekend. Know where my heart lies #EOFforever#EOFisFamily

But if I leave… the fans still gone love me man?

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