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Floyd Green  Student of Life, MP SW St. Bess, Minister of State, Director - Island Vibes, moulded by Munro, harnessed by Chancellor, inspired by Garvey.


#Repost from @youthjamaica with @regram.app ... Oniel Peart from @nomaddzja reflects on receiving the Prime Minister's Youth Award in 2007.

#DidYouKnow the Nomaddz have each received the Prime Minister's Youth Awards for Excellence in Arts an Culture: Everaldo Creary (2005); Sheldon Shepherd (2006); Oniel Peart (2007); Christopher Gordon (2009). Do you know other young persons who are doing well in Arts and Culture? Nominate them for the #PMYouthAwards.

Click the link in our bio for nomination forms and more information.


#SheerJoy How you celebrate when electricity has finally come to your community #GrowWithGreen #GreenWorks #ProsperityForAll

#GrowWithGreen This is the reason I got involved in politics.. to make the lives of people better. Tonight we brought electricity to the communities of Ridge Pen and Park Lee. Communities that have never had electricity.Communities who in 2010 saw poles erected but the light never came because priorities of the new Government changed. We committed to ensure that they would get electricity.

I want to thank Minister Andrew Wheatley Chairman Oswald Williams, Councillors Jeremy Palmer and Derrick Sangster and all of the team.
There was none stop rain, showers of blessings they said, so they danced in the rain #Grateful #Humbled #GreenWorks

Partnered with the Pedro Plains CDC and the SDC to host a back to school treat at the Pedro Plains Primary. Also registered farmers, had free health checks, signed up persons for the PATH program of of course helped with school supplies. Over 100 children and they had a great time.#GrowWithGreen

#GrandAunt #EvaMay #97 Was great celebrating 96 years with Aunt Eva today. She is amazing! Full of energy and wit. Of course she says she misses her brother Pampi as "him a di real politician, him did love it you know" lolol #NeilBreed #StrongerThanEver

#ChangingTheGame #NewLevel Today we launched the SOHEMA child care case management system which will help us create a more effective and efficient child protection system. The CDA now moves from a paper based child case management system to an technology base solution. This will reduce the CDA'S use of paper by 75% and will help our frontline staff better manage and monitor their cases as it provides automatic reminders and an built in accountability framework #Revolutionary #ElevateChildServices

#EndViolence With our child ambassador for St. Catherine Terry Ann Wilson at our workshop to finalise our National Plan of Action for an Integrated Response to Children and Violence. We have set a six month time frame to finalise the plan as part of our drive in the Global Partnership to End Violence against Children #ProtectOurChildren #PathFinderCountry #OurChildrenJa

#YouthDay On Saturday, youth all across Jamaica joined the world in celebrating International Youth Day under the theme: “Youth Building Peace”. The challenges inherent in peace building can no doubt be overcome through the opportunities to be seized by utilising the knowledge, talents, skills, creativity and positive energy of youth.
At the MOEYI we recognise this and as such we are continously working on utilising a positive youth development approach where youth are not seen as the problems to be solved and problems preventing the attainment of sustainable peace rather, youth are solutions, whose inputs and contributions will enable the realisation of the peaceful Jamaica that we all envision.
Last year we worked to strengthen our forms of Youth Participation. This year we are reintroducing the Prime Minister’s National Youth Awards for Excellence as a means of highlighting the positive contributions that Jamaican youth are making to nation building.
It is important that we celebrate these youth and show how young persons in a number of different fields are contributing to a peaceful Jamaica through their various endeavours.
#NewLevel #YouthDevelopment #IYD #YouthForPeace

The Greatest of All Time. So happy to have been alive during your Era. Thank You for all the memories

#Repost from @usainbolt with @regram.app ... History @Gatorade

#NewLevel #ElevateYOUth #PMYouthAwards We have proudly reintroduced the PM Youth Awards. Check our special Jamaica 55 award. NOMINATE SOMEONE TODAY. Applications close August 31! LINK IN BIO.
#Repost from @youthjamaica with @regram.app ... There are so many young Jamaicans who are doing well in many different fields. Let us celebrate them!

Nominate these young Jamaicans for a Prime Minister's Youth Award.

Click the link in our bio for more information and to download the nomination forms.


#TBT #CYMM Successful 9th Commonwealth meeting in Kampala Uganda. Great work by the team in putting together a comprehensive brief for me. Our youth reps really represented well and were the talk of the town and our Youth Worker Association president presented on one of the panels.
Happy that I got to sit in and share on the Youth Leadership Forum and was great to meet some young entrepreneurs, some really great ideas.

Was very happy for the sidebar meetings I was able to have including a excellent Caribbean youth Ministers Meeting, solid meeting with Canada to explore Youth Leadership exchanges and a great talk with the Minister of State from Uganda regarding innovative financing for children affairs.

As a country we made solid commitments towards our new youth policy, the development of innovation hubs and pursuing stronger youth related South to South Cooperation among other things.

A solid platform has been laid and I am extremely honoured that the 10th Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting will be held in Jamaica in 2021. #NewLevel #YouthDevelopment #irepjamaica
P.S. Of course my Bresheh bag made it to Africa. It was a hit!

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