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Floyd Green  Student of Life, MP SW St. Bess, Minister of State, Director - Island Vibes, moulded by Munro, harnessed by Chancellor, inspired by Garvey.


Walk Good Dread ... Amazing how your words provide the comfort needed in this time "In the Beatitudes, it is written ''Blessed are they that Mourn.'' The human life experience is a mixed blessing. It is expected that someday we will bury our parents yet we would wish for them an immortal state.... it is expected that some day also we will cease to exist in this bodily state.... There is an impeding sorrow wrapped up in the gift of life. What we do in our life matters, whether we make peace or war, whether we affirm God or denounce him... whether we improve or regress with our children. Life is a forward thrust... everyday life has to be met with a degree of thankfulness. To live in hope makes our tragedies bearable and when we think of our parents we wonder at how high they stand in our consciousness in their mastery of life. So mourning turns to gladness when we accept our memories be they many or few and find that there is always a space of forgiveness in the heart and that is God within Us." H.A.C.

#GrowWithGreen #OfficeDay Two favourite parts of office day today was 1) Talking Charlene n Krista about their NYS Summer Work experience. They loved it!!!! And 2) 12 year old Keneilia Brown delivered a letter advocating on behalf of her community.. she was one of the top students from Pedro Plains

MandelaDay #67MinutesofService Excellent time at Newcombe Valley Primary as we celebrated Mandela Day with the team from the South African High Commission. Not only did we have excellent presentations on the life of Mandela but the children also had a story telling session and play time. Importantly the High Commission has contributed paint for the entire school to be repainted for the new school year. #GreenWorks

#GrowWithGreen We are determined to transform our communities and the life of our people. On Friday we opened the Agro/Eco Tourism Park in Middlequarters. The park is a testament to what we can do when we come together, this is a project which was spearheaded by the Community Development Council and the Parish Council, financed by the Nepa, Councillor Withney Smith and the Member Parliament :) This is just phase 1... #GreenWorks

Happy to be a part of Tonight's #HopeForJamaica Town Hall Meeting and to indicate that St. Thomas' first ever youth Community Access Point will be opened this year. #HopeforYOUTth

Well why not throw it right back #TBT #SwagUp #StoneWashJeans #ReebokPopping πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚ .. I guess dad was feeling nostalgic yesterday ..lol Thanks Dad

#Repost from @onejamaicafoundation with @regram.app ... If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn. #EducationCantWait #TogetherWeCan πŸ‡―πŸ‡²πŸ‡―πŸ‡²πŸ‡―πŸ‡²

#HopeForJamaica Join us tomorrow in St. Thomas as PM @andrewholnessjm and the team continues to engage as we work together to build a prosperous Jamaica #BetterJamaica #TownHall

Today I went on a tour of the Ward Theatre with the Mayor of Kingston as we explored possibilities for partnership. It reminded me of the glory days of Kingston City; the harsh reality of how poorly we have managed our institutions and our country over the years; and the significant opportunity we have to return to those glory days. Thank you Mayor #StillBelieving #HopeForJamaica

Spoke at Manchester High School Graduation yesterday, told them a story about a boy I grew up with who had a dream to be one of the world's finest musicians.. told them about his journey, how he was often ridiculed for going to a good school and not amounting to anything... how he was determined to live his dream and the fact that now he is on his 65th show on tour playing to thousands around the world... saved his name for last... the reaction to his name was priceless... Thanks @Protoje for inspiring us all .. Never give up on your dream
#Repost from @protoje with @regram.app ... Ease out

#TBT Had a great time at Millennial to Millennial #M2M hosted by @adamstewart. Was happy I could share some of my story and discuss some of the challenges that we all face as we try to make an impact on Jamaica and the world. Met some exceptional people with great companies and great ideas. Genuinely hopeful about Jamaicans future. As Adam keeps saying Now is the Time! #BetterJamaica #OurTimeNow #Impact #NewLevel BIG shout out to @mcgawdouse and the Team!

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