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Rosalind Chng  The sweet spot of life |📍Singapore 👩Mommy to 👦#JosiahChin & 👧#ChriselleChin ❤️ Jesus // food // travel 🌈 Sharing the blessedness in my life

No matter the report, the situation, #itiswellwithmysoul. #Amen.

Credits: Randy’s Design
#godsgotmyback #godsword

#friyay #fun! (But somebody looks so serious here 😆😆😆) #disneytsumtsum #tsumtsumvivocity #midautumnfestival

#Happy #blessed 6th #birthday, Josiah!

Year on year, we see you grow in wisdom, understanding & kindness. We’re thankful to see you surrounded by good friends, possess good health & a very happy and loving heart.
Cars are still your passion but in the past year, you’ve also fallen in love with building Lego, reading & learning! You often wow us with your command of language & expression, and also your heart for the family.. you are a sweet spirit who is generous with your hugs & words of appreciation. You’re especially doting on your baby sister and you adore her so much!
You’ve made us so proud in so many ways, and we can’t thank God enough for having you.. We know that an exciting new season lies ahead of you and Daddy Mummy will be right here walking the journey with you, and Jesus will continue to guide you & teach you.

We love you so much! ❤️❤️❤️ #josiahchin

At a combined birthday celebration earlier this afternoon, #chrisellechin took part in the #crawling competition. The moment I put her down and walked away from her, she started bawling loudly with big fat tear drops coming nonstop.
That’s when big brother #josiahchin came to the rescue. We witnessed how he rushed to his baby sister’s side and comforted her, then got on all fours too to crawl alongside and encourage her.
People always say that the firstborn is blessed because he has the full attention of his parents. But the subsequent born has his own portion of blessings too, for from the very first day he will always have a playmate, a friend, a sibling.
My dear daughter, you’re so blessed to have an elder brother who loves you so much. He’s always got your back. And we know that he’s your #favourite too.. for you will always squeal and laugh and get all excited when he’s around you.
And my dear son, you make our hearts burst with so much pride. You have grown up so much, in wisdom, kindness and love.
May the both of you always share this #love and #closeness, as long as you both shall live.
#brotherandsister #kinship #alwaysgotyourback #whatmorecaniaskfor #familylove

What went down last #Saturday.
It was a super packed day because #timenoenough! Swim class> my own swim> brunch> birthday party> night festival> crazyrichasians

Thanks to my hubby who braved it all with me. 💪😍👏 #weekends #gottahaveitall

Last day of our #vacay here at #Bangkok and with just 6 hours left before we head to the airport, we are gonna make the best of it, eating all our favourite food here!
#emquartier #emporium #helixquartier #greenery #flowers

7 Aug 2018 | It’s been 8 years, and 2 #beautiful children! God has been so #faithful and #loving to see us through the sunshine and the storm as we weather through life hand in hand.
I’m infinitely #thankful for your #steadfast #love and #patience in our relationship, and your #commitment and #care for our children. Together as a team we are #powerful and #efficient, from doing road trips and vacays with crazy itineraries, to just going through the daily grind with the kiddos, I’m glad that we’re gonna be doing life together for a very long time. These 8 years have been #fruitful & #memorable for us in so many ways, and I know, even better days are ahead for us. 😘😘😘
#8thweddinganniversary #ily #7august #8yearson #wedding

#chrisellechin’s #firstbirthday #celebration at school!
All her friends at the infant class couldn’t join her as they were resting.. so korkor #josiahchin’s K2 classmates came to join in the fun!

Dearest Chriselle,
At 0010hrs on 26 Jul 2017, you’ve finally arrived!
As the day went on yesterday, memories of what happened exactly a year ago just kept on flooding my mind. I would look at the time and recall what happened & how I felt then. What a difference a year makes. You have turned ONE.
You were supposed to be born on 25 Jul after I was induced.. but you took a really long time to descend. After the epidural was administered, I suffered from terrible side effects which made me shivery, breathless & weak. A number of family & friends actually sent text messages to check on me coz I was simply taking too long and there was just radio silence. I just couldn’t muster any strength and I was deeply concerned that I may have to go through a c-section because I simply had no strength. At one point, my blood pressure shot through the roof and I started to run a temperature, which got the nurses concerned. My gynae was also puzzled at my slow progress, given that it’s my 2nd birth. Still, I continued to trust God for a natural delivery.
To cut the long story short, I was finally good to go before midnight, after almost 15 hours of labour. I prayed for strength, speed & safety. Praise be to God, with 3 good pushes, you were born. .
And at the moment of your birth, we finally found out the reason why you took so long: the umbilical cord was coiled around your neck once, and this impeded your descent.
Blessed first birthday to you, our dear daughter. Right from the beginning, even when you were just a tiny bean, you’re a #miracle and an answered prayer. At your birth, you’re a champion and since then you’ve been growing so well, hitting all your milestones and you’re just so full of #joy everyday! There’s just so much to be #thankful for and so many reasons to celebrate you today. Thank you for completing our family! May you always be #happy, #healthy and live knowing you’re so #loved, #favoured & #blessed by Jesus.
Love, Mummy ❤️❤️❤️
#chrisellechin #firstbirthday

And #chrisellechin turns ONE! A big thank you to family & friends who came to #celebrate with us in advance yesterday over a #unicorn & #rainbows themed #party!

After the kids were put to bed last night, the hubby & I could finally look back at what transpired through the day and we just felt so incredibly #blessed, to have the #love & #support from the many people who have been with us through the many #milestones in our lives. You know who you are.. the ones we’ve known way back in the schooling days, to the brothers & sisters who have stood in faith with us through the seasons of life, the ones we’ve had the #blessing to meet ‘coz of parenthood, colleagues who have become close friends, and most importantly our families who have been our pillars of #strength in whatever we do.
May you all be doubly blessed for all that you have given to our family. We love you!!! #josiahchin #blessedbeyondmeasure

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