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Sarah Neff 

#Twinning 👯‍♀️ @just_slackin

I wouldn’t know any of these people if it wasn’t for @crossfitmtlebanon .I feel for fortunate to be a part of such a great community! Congrats David and Kelsey! ❤️

Big thanks to everyone that came out for my birthday 😊 And 🍕 #ThirtyFlirtyAndThriving #ManyNotPicutred #DreamingOfPizzaSinceNovember #Weeee30

We’re really good at taking selfies 🤦🏼‍♀️

Found this gem today. #wcw @rodgers3283 😍 #WhenSledWasRed

The @crossfitgames 2018 Open is over and I couldn’t me more happy 🎉. I was able to do lot of things this year I wasn’t able to do last year, which was awesome... BUT I also learned I need to stop avoiding my weakness (like for real), I need to have more confidence and not to be afraid of failing, and I learned I have a weird vein in my right bicep that likes to bulge out. All-in-all it was an eye opening and fun Open. I’m glad it’s over. Back to normal life. Thanks @crossfitmtlebanon for another fun 5 weeks. Until next year ✌🏻

📸 @standingranby

It’s always smiles when @bridgetohara3 is my judge! Thanks again friend 🤗

📸 @standingranby

Another fun Open workout! I did want redemption on Dubs this year... #toomanydubs. Thanks for the 📸 @standingranby ! And thanks again to @bridgetohara3 for being the best judge!

Also not sure what’s happening in the second photo 👉🏻

Why am I so dramatic? 18.2 was fun! I love Friday Night Lights at #CFMTL! Thanks for the 📸@standingranby for catching my struggles. And thanks @michael____david for capturing me in my natural state 😂 #crossfitmtlebanon #crossfit #crossfitopen #intheopen #18point2

Not sure why I look so happy here? Must have been before I lost all the skin on my hands 🤦🏼‍♀️ Despite that...I had so much fun! Last year I could barely do ttb! @bridgetohara3 you are the best judge 🤗 Thanks @br1anbauman for the 📸😃👊🏻

#tbt to my favorite moment of the Open last year! #17.3 #crossfit #cfmtl #didntwejustdothis🤔

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