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the last photo i took of the very best friend i've ever had. the helplessness i feel knowing i couldn't save him runs through my mind all day, every day. i don't think my heart will ever heal. loved this little bud to reese's pieces. #prayforrey

little rey was lost but survived alone in the woods for almost two weeks. these are 2 of the 3 amazing souls that tracked him down in 2 days. although this wasn't the outcome i had hoped for, i'm glad there is closure to this awful tragedy. frank, leo & tony (not pictured) are my heroes. thank you for letting me know my baby rey made it over the rainbow bridge. hold your fur babies extra tight tonight.

please help. my baby is missing. #littlerey

i love him more than anything in this world. he's been missing for a week in cooperstown, ny (he doesn't know the area... he was being watched while i was on vacation.) if anyone sees or hears of anything regarding his whereabouts i will gladly give a generous reward. please contact me 315.723.5298 please share or contact anyone you know who could help. thanks in advance. 🀞🏼

1 of 3 paintings of a killer set i got in florida. the paintings, the artist & the original owners were all from nyc. the subject in all 3 is real women of new york. πŸŒƒ πŸ’™

this is the oldest/most famous bar in fort lauderdale & one of the coolest neons i've ever seen.

met up with some very old friends in pompano & got to meet their pup RILEY who became our new BFF!

this window at the ROC airport gives me all the feels. πŸ‘Ύ

ocean colored house on the lake

finally got the name plate of my dreams. πŸ§€β€ #cheeseislife #reallove

old man whiskers!!! 😍#littlerey

sad day for comedy. thanks for all the laughs charlie. i hope your hosting a player hater's ball up in heaven.

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