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Florence  Sometimes I do things other than sew...but not very often. You can find my blog, as well as my English paper piecing patterns at:


I went to #standennt with my mum and daughter today to see the #kaffefassett exhibition. It was really beautiful and it was the perfect spring day for a walk around the grounds too.

This made us laugh: a fur-cone left on each seat at @standennt - the perfect way to convey the message that visitors shouldn't sit on the old chairs. #standennt #nationaltrust

This still has the quilting pins in it waiting to be finished, but it's deliciously cosy for middle-of-the-night-laptopping up in my sewing room when I can't sleep.

@judynewman sent me a piece of what may be my favourite fabric ever so that I can adore it in person - the perfect blue and pink and the speckledyness of the design make me so happy! It's going to live on the corner of my desk for daily admiration until I can settle on a project that justifies cutting into it. Thank you so much, Judy - I'm blown away by your kindness in sending me some of this vintage goodness (and the gorgeous fabrics to go with it). x


When the doorbell rings I'm sometimes struck by the realisation that my thread creature look isn't entirely normal. I need to keep a change of clothes by the door so that I can pretend I'm just like the regular humans.

Driving home from a long walk with my father yesterday, this church was just glowing in the early evening sun. Despite my love of thick woolly jumpers, it feels so lovely that spring is here.

This quilt was shown at Westminster yesterday by @thewomensquilt. Between 2009 - 2015, 598 women in the U.K. were killed by their current or ex-partner. This quilt contains a beautifully-created patch to remember each one of those women. (Photo credit: @GillFurnissMP on Twitter, via the always wonderful @thepooluk ) #internationalwomensday #thewomensquilt

I love it when I reach some open space like this, with no bulky seam allowances to negotiate. #handquilting

Frozen yoghurt brittle, made by my daughter, who can always be relied upon to make healthy snacks that look and taste like sweets 🍓

Street art by Ben Eine in Shoreditch, London. I couldn't fit it all in - it actually said 'like nothing else'. Apparently Eine used to do graffiti tagging, but when he was threatened with prison, he changed tac and started to create things that people would actively want on their walls. It was indeed gorgeous.

I ordered some fabrics from @amitietextiles and they put in this beautiful pattern that shares my name. Thank you so much, @lucycarsonkingwell - it was such a lovely surprise!

So many gorgeous hearts in my feed today. Here's one that I took in Sweden six years ago. We came across the results of an ice carving class one afternoon - the sculptures looked so magical shimmering in the low sun with no one in sight. This and a carved house were my favourites. #Jukkasjärvi #icecarving #valentines #DSSparkle

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