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Florence  Sometimes I do things other than sew...but not very often. You can find my blog, as well as my English paper piecing patterns at:


Street art by Ben Eine in Shoreditch, London. I couldn't fit it all in - it actually said 'like nothing else'. Apparently Eine used to do graffiti tagging, but when he was threatened with prison, he changed tac and started to create things that people would actively want on their walls. It was indeed gorgeous.

I ordered some fabrics from @amitietextiles and they put in this beautiful pattern that shares my name. Thank you so much, @lucycarsonkingwell - it was such a lovely surprise!

So many gorgeous hearts in my feed today. Here's one that I took in Sweden six years ago. We came across the results of an ice carving class one afternoon - the sculptures looked so magical shimmering in the low sun with no one in sight. This and a carved house were my favourites. #Jukkasjärvi #icecarving #valentines

Honey, hiding from the snow.
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Favourites restocked purely on an 'in case they ever run out' basis. #kaffefassett

Even when I have quilt batting samples in my hands, I find it difficult to commit to one - they have such an impact on the way a quilt feels. The Cotton Patch sells sample packs of all their battings, which are really useful (although obviously not quite enough to elicit decisiveness in me)! I'm going for for ultra-low-loft and will be hand-quilting...currently pondering Quilter's Dream Orient or Quilter's Dream Cotton Request Weight. I've machine quilted with both, but hand-quilted neither. Any thoughts? #quiltbatting #quiltersdream

There's a new post on my blog about my recent knitting adventures (also a few questions too). There's a link in my profile, if you'd like to read.

Thank you to the people who suggested using a lifeline in my knitting - it's working brilliantly!
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It was a deliciously frosty dash to the postbox with a letter this morning.

My first blog post of 2017 (link in profile).

A rope bowl made for a friend over Christmas. I make so many of these that I finally sent off for a bulk box of cord from a builders' merchants - it's so much cheaper AND they sent me a free pen, which I think may be a rite of passage signifying that I'm a professional builder (although only of rope bowls in my case). #ropebowl #professionalropebowlbuilder

My first ever successful piece of knitwear, complete with no holes (other than the one for my head, as it's a snood). I'm so grateful for all the help I was given when I was unpicking this for the fifth time and trying to put right my mistakes - you could not have been more warm and encouraging in your advice - thank you!
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A beautiful sky for a walk at sunset with friends. And it was deliciously cold too, which felt very welcome after the preceding twenty-seven December days of disappointingly mild weather. #sky #sunset