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Florence  Sometimes I do things other than sew...but not very often. You can find my blog, as well as my English paper piecing patterns at:


Does anyone else use their clothing as a pin cushion when travelling?
#epp #englishpaperpiecing #englishpaperpiecingeverywhere #fussycutting #elizabetholwen

A rare meeting with my sewing machine (usually it's hand-sewing). #libertyprint #libertytanalawn #tanalawn

I went out for dinner with friends over the weekend and one of them surprised me with this. There are no words, only yellow emoji to depict squeals of delight (outwardly, I tried for semi-restrained delight, but a small squeal may have escaped me) 🤗😊😵

Sunday evening sewing. #englishpaperpiecing #epp

A #shelfiesunday of the shelf behind my bed - these books are all in the waiting-to-be-read pile. The one I'm currently reading is Dave Trott's One + One = Three, a series of case studies around creative thinking and it's fascinating (a well-chosen birthday gift from my husband back in March). Has anyone else read it? I'm also reading Rose Tremain's The Swimming Pool Season on Kindle (prompted by having just finished The Gustav Sonata, which I loved). Random items: these Neal's Yard Remedies to Roll are amazing - they contain a blend of essential oils that you roll onto your pulse points - these two are Relaxation and Nighttime (a gift from my mum - she also gave my daughter the Study blend. My sister uses them too and we decided it's not just the oils that makes them work, it's the Message to Self of actively rolling something on that bears a particular word). Also, Pomi D'Umbria: my favourite scent in the entire world (it's from Italy, made by @initinere.umbria - my parents sent for it as a Christmas gift). I wish it came as a perfume as well as a room fragrance.

I've realised while writing this that the tulips and picture frame are the only thing in this photo I bought for myself - the rest are all gifts from my parents, husband, daughter (vase!) and friends, which makes me feel very lucky indeed.
#shelfie #shelfiesunday #nealsyardremedies #pomidumbria #bookstagram #bookshelf

Thread landslide finally averted after spending about two years on my mental list of Things Around the House That Need Tidying. My husband did it for me, as thankfully he's not averse to spending an hour putting things in colour order when requested. Scroll left for before & after. Isn't it odd how subconsciously seeing the same jobs that need doing each day can sap energy - I never really notice how draining it is, until it's finally done and I realise how much lighter I feel walking into the room.
#threadrack #colourorder #cottonreels #threadrainbow #sewingroom #awesomehusband

I was about to start cutting these up for a quilt and then suddenly wondered if one of them would work for a bathroom blind that I've been meaning to make. Quilt or blind, quilt or blind??? #gertrudemade #outbackwifefabric #outbackwife

Papers wrapped for the start of a new project.
#epp #englishpaperpiecing #englishpaperpiecingeverywhere

Scroll left for the shocking before and after photos, which document my once-beautiful cherry red scissors having turned a violent shade of orange after a day in the sun on my cutting table. My decade-old system of 'red-handled scissors are for cutting paper; everything else is for cutting fabric' is now in crisis. #premaxscissors #brokensystem #redscissors #orangescissors

Beautiful pickledish/eyelashes quilt from the Kaffe Fassett exhibition at Standen (today is the last day - I've posted more about it on my blog). #kaffefassett #standennt #pickledishquilt #eyelashquilt

I adore these keys, collected by my mum on trips to Turkey. The design on the bottom key is especially beautiful. (Sunday morning key geekery: apparently, the loop at the top of a key is called 'the bow' and the part that you put in the lock is the 'bit'. The waves and crosses you can see on the bits here are 'wards' and can you get all sorts of intricate and decorative ward designs apparently. Don't you find the more you learn about something, the more intoxicating it becomes...those terms alone make me want to start to dive down a key rabbit hole to see all the different types of ward). #oldkeys

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