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Florence Knapp  I like to sew and write. Contributor to the V&A’s book, Patchwork & Quilting. Author of Flossie Teacakes’ Guide to English Paper Piecing.

One of Shizuko Kuroha’s beautiful Quilts. Each time I go to @thefestivalofquilts I feel like I need to go into some kind of decompression chamber to reacclimatise after attempting to fit so much inspiration into my head in one go. Congratulations to anyone who exhibited a quilt (or several) this year - the quilts were utterly mesmerising and awe-inspiring. I haven’t had a chance to post on my blog about the show over the weekend, but more next week.
Ps. I realised from my excited lack of sleep the night before my daughter and I set off for Birmingham that FoQ is essentially a mid-year version of Christmas for me☀️🎄. #festivalofquilts #imintheguild #FOQ2018 #shizukokuroha

This feels like the piece that I will be making and remaking until I die. After finishing it the first time and then deciding I didn’t like the peach background, I appliquéd the whole thing to this new background. Once finished, I pressed it and a million tiny glue dots from the very lightweight black iron-on interfacing I’d applied suddenly came through the Tana lawn - the iron wasn’t too hot and I’ve never had that happen with lawn before, so it was quite maddening. The dots are minuscule and evenly distributed, but it does alter the overall look of the blue fabric. I know I’d prefer it on a fresh background, but I’m also aware that each time I unpick the stitches and (gently) tear the piecing away where it’s been glued down to the background fabric (using Roxanne’s Glue Baste-it), I weaken the piecing a little, which is quite delicate at this diminutive scale. I’ve left it on my desk for a few weeks trying to decide what to do and am feeling no nearer to a decision. Scroll left to see the little black dots. #miniaturerippleeffectquilt #indecision

A day of crazily beautiful skies, Rapunzel towers and magical gardens at Sissinghurst yesterday. The sky may look like I’ve been applying dreamy effects to it, but this is actually it in all its own unfiltered loveliness.

It’s been hot for so long now that I finally seem to be acclimatising to being out in it without wilting, but I’m yet to get to the bit where every ounce of energy hasn’t evaporated by evening. If I’m ever going to sew again (and not end the day lying on the floor next to Nell half-asleep by 8pm), I’m going to need a different weather front. #sissinghurst

An evening walk with my son in our local park. Scroll left to see a close up of the beautiful quilt-inspiring floor tiles.

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Congratulations to @sarahashfordstudio and @sydneyrosedesigns on the launch of The Great British Quilter thread collection, a thread-based celebration of all the makers who took part in the eponymous photo challenge. Along with a handful of quilty friends, I contributed a block to Sarah & Charlie’s mini quilt and was assigned purple from the collection 💜. It’s lovely to have the opportunity to collaborate with so many talented women: @sydneyrosedesigns @sarahashfordstudio @mybearpaw @charmaboutyou @quiltingonthego @lilysquilts @verykerryberry @imagingermonkey @karenlewistextiles @imstudiolou @jennismithsews #greatbritishquilter #aurifil

English paper piecing treasure from the stitching archives of @verykerryberry’s extended family. I feel so privileged to be the caretaker of these beautiful basted pieces. I have plans to sew some up and put them in a frame - there are so many prints in here that I love, predictably, the blues and pinks especially. Thank you so much, Kerry. x

I started this nine-patch in January 2016 and have stalled at the quilting stage. I’ve realised that while I have endless patience for working at a small scale, that disappears around larger pieces...when I took it out of the cupboard a few weeks ago, I managed four lines of bad-tempered quilting before I abandoned my mission and it’s been wedged in my machine ever since waiting for elves to come and finish it off for me. #desperatelyseekinglargescalepatience #stlouisninepatch #ninepatch #kaffefassett #annamariahorner

The most recent post on my blog is all about blogs and blogging. I actually posted it a few weeks ago and then remembered I hadn’t mentioned it here. If you visit, the comments section also has lots of interesting thoughts from others. Link in profile 👆🏻(Edited to add: it’s a somewhat crazy double medallion whammy in this screenshot, I know)!

Hydrangea madness. The second photo reminds me of synchronised swimmers 🏊🏻‍♀️. I remember going to Leonardslee when I was about four years old and seeing the hydrangea for the first time (in a way where I properly noticed them, at least) and just wanting to gobble up their loveliness, something that’s stayed with me decades later. The first hydrangea we spotted in town (photo by my daughter), the second belongs to my parents.

A bit of a dull walk for Nell, but I love meandering around the streets looking at front gardens and gathering inspiration - when you stop to look at them, each garden seems to have its own personality and feels like an oddly vulnerable (a bit like setting out your stall at a craft fair) offering by the people who live there. Our front garden currently features a lawn of curiously weedy, hay-like grass (accessorised by Nell herself in the last photo)...not quite the offering I’d ever consciously intended to make 😂. We’d originally planned to pave over it to make a bigger driveway, but by the end of our walk we’d decided to dig it up and cover it in flower beds instead 🐝 🌸.

I’m so happy that my book is in stock at one of my favourite UK quilt shops for EPP supplies, @sewandquilt 🤗. (Also, I’ve only just noticed that Sew & Quilt’s feed is separate from its owner’s, @messyjesse1. If you want some EPP inspiration, do take a look at Jessie’s personal account as well as her shop’s feed - it’s beautiful ❤️).

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