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#IAMTHECWALK  Lee Mac2 da L0C Chec out my official #CwalkChallenge page @Floss2cwalkchallenge 👻SnapChat👉🏾therealfloss2 #ALWAYSROLLIN #FLOSSANGELES #GhettoCelebrity

Niggas that smoke weed got it easy 😂😂😂😂

Bitch I’m bad like Mike

Man I’m tired of all u old ass niggas acting like y’all don’t see wtf I got bacc craccin. Niggas wasn’t even worried about the #Cwalk til they start seeing me do it. I keep it original that’s why I walk to songs by @kurupt_gotti @dazdillinger @therealdubwc @snoopdogg @icecube and other real gangsta rap artist. But don’t y’all for once think I need y’all approval to validate my Crippin. @therealdubwc u hard but I’m tired of seeing yo snippet walks. Bring bacc the old @therealdubwc that can #Cwalk longer than 15 secs #cwalkchallenge

S/O to the @vikings organization. Do yo dance @johnnystantoniv.. @snoopdogg u just got served cuzz #cwalkchallenge

@snoopdogg u know way too much martial arts not to be piccin them feet up cuzz. Take off them concrete shoes and lace up yo chucc t’s. They make u glide a lil easier 😂😂.. @snoopdogg gon act like he don’t see this but he’ll see it lol ✌🏾👍🏾

Positive vibes only

I know u niggas hate this but so what.. Chuncy N’s 60th St Shit #AlwaysRollin

Don’t let yo loyalty become slavery. If they don’t appreciate what u bring to the table .. then just eat alone

Happy C-day to a real young inspirational Crip @nipseyhussle

Too much jealousy niggas could never be real.. #Blessed #FlyCrippin #HandsomeCuhz #FlossAngeles #AlwaysRollin


Mood: CRIP Walkin thru life #KeepItCrippin #FlossAngeles #AlwaysRollin

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