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Matej Florschutz  @irinaandmatej - destination wedding photographers. Rangefinders 30 Rising Stars. May - Ireland 🍀

In 2004 I threw a coin in Fontana di Trevi (to ensure that I will return to Rome one day). Couple of weeks ago we shot a wedding in front of the Pantheon, and a little bit later we threw like 5€ in the fountain just to make sure. 😂

Reminiscing about the @legacy.workshop where we spoke about eveything we know. We derive deep satisfaction from the consistency of our actions, especially when we and others perceive them to be right. These patterns of self sacrifice make us happy and define who we are. 📷 @muse.and.mirror

There are so many influences and even more creative people. You really need to know who you are, otherwise you get lost in the stream and become a bad imitation of someone else.

Driving in style. Gina & Alex came to church in timeless Bentley.

We’re preparing Rome story

Inspiration reads brought all the way from Dublin.

Irish landscapes

We really love all the secret spots of Venice. Little streets, cafes and bridges. Light drags us to explore every corner of this unique city. New story from Venice with Carly and Angus is on our blog - link in bio ⬆️⬆️⬆️🛶

Preparing a Venice story. Every street is like a painting...

Ha&Andrew’s ceremony in front of the Pantheon was pure magic! 😍🙈

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