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Erin Benzakein - Floret  Farmer-Florist, Writer, Teacher, living and growing in WA State, USA. My first book: Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden now available.


Capturing the last few snippets of @junesblooms magical daffodils. This gem is called 'Sorbet'. 💫#farmerflorist #flowerfarmer

I picked the first bunch of ranunculus today in the greenhouse while talking with a veteran flower grower who farms just down the road from us. He said that we're nearly 5 weeks behind where we were on this date last year, and its the latest spring he's ever experienced. At his farm the first lilacs were being picked today and we were both commenting on how grateful we are to finally have flowers in our hands again. #growfloret #floretbulbs #farmerflorist #flowerfarmer

Harvested the first bunch of ranunculus this evening to take down to the city with me. @king5evening (our local news station) is airing an Inspiring Women special tonight and right after the show we'll be hopping on Facebook live to answer questions from viewers. If you have a little free time tonight I'd love to have you watch and then join us! If you can't make it, I'll be sure to post a replay. #farmerflorist #growfloret #floretbook

We've spent the last few evenings capturing all of the new tulips in our trial patch. It has been a tad tricky since the weather has been all over the place. Check out the pouring rain cloud heading our way that @misselorajane captured the other night. Washington spring in a nutshell. #farmerflorist #growfloret #teamfloret

Picking the last of the greenhouse tulips for next weekend's #floretworkshop 💫This watermelon monster called 'Renown Unique' is a long time favorite. I can't wait to mix her with the first of the ranunculus. #growfloret

We moved to the country when the kids were small and I remember how trying get anything done in the garden was impossible. As they grew, they started to learn how to help, and in time were actually able to out work most adults. Today as we planted thousands of dahlia tubers I kept thinking back to those early years and marveling at how much has changed. Mamas of little ones take heart! Someday they will be making YOU dinner and helping out in the garden, without even being asked. #farmerflorist #flowerfarmer

Trying to capture all the tulips in our patch during magic light hour this evening. Photo by @misselorajane, and lots more in my story. #growfloret

Tulip 'Sensual Touch' blowing my mind. 💥💫 #growfloret

The magnolia tree in our backyard is just smothered in flowers right now. I get to walk under it every time I go in the seed greenhouse. Check out my IG stories for a few videos.

These Gudoshnik Tulips are so top heavy that they are a bit tricky to arrange with, but man I sure do love them. Especially in my @francespalmer vase 😍 #growfloret

A mess of fragrant daffodils from @junesblooms garden in my treasured @francespalmer vase. Doesn't get much better than this. 💫 #growfloret

Daffodil 'Petit Four', my all time favorite. #growfloret

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