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flora  20. Brasil. ah, perhaps I did quack but such is life for an old knickerbocker like me

nos últimos dias eu conheci/revi pessoas maravilhosas e aqui está uma foto com algumas delas 💕

you took all the lonely days and you made them sing

a amizade era sincera, até Jaime* perceber que não tinha comida na mesa e ir embora.
*nome fictício dado para preservar a intimidade do animal


se eu soubesse que ter franja significa só precisar de um boné pra ter uma fantasia de halloween eu teria cortado muito antes

new glasses who dis?

📷: @_taynafernandes

I have never been a fan of the beach but I once decided to ignore my feelings about sand and sunburns and take my two closest friends to the beach for the weekend where I had some of the best laughs and genuine happy moments I have ever had. Somehow the insecurities about wearing a bikini and not having control over how my curls would look at every single instant faded away for a minute leaving room for the joy and ease to take over. So I decided to capture those moments in an attempt to never let go of them, which just made everything a lot more fun from silly shots of us playing in the sand to unexpected ones of us not caring so much about how every fragment of our bodies looked and what other people would think of them. I don’t get to see them as much as I would like to which is why those few days meant so much to me. That time at the beach reminded me that no matter how long we spend apart and how distant we are from one another their words will still be able to calm my anxious self and guide me through my most difficult days.

#liveforthestory @doddleoddle

eu me virei na hora da foto e parece que eu não tenho rosto

a breve história de quando tentei tirar uma foto e apareceu um gato
📷: @chiarajemily

dois metros de raiz feat. reflexo da câmera (e a lua também)

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