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🔸Flora Bowley🔸  Painter. Pioneer. Gentle Guide. Author of Brave Intuitive Painting + Creative Revolution. Pearl dog’s mom. Portland, OR ⚡️👩🏽‍🎨⚡️

Had a great little father’s day outing with my dad, Pearl, and @cvitamamic today. Feeling so grateful for these simple moments of togetherness with my fam (chosen and birth) ✨🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🐶👴🏼✨
(Here’s my dad looking all kinds of stylish in my hat because I was afraid his little head was going to burn 😫 and enjoying a beer as he watched the boats go by in the second pic ☺️)

Every time I teach a workshop, I make a little painting for each student with a reminder about the process (it seems everyone always gets the one they’re supposed to get).
This is the most recent crop of baby paintings I made in collaboration with @orlyavineri for our #windsofchangepdx workshop last month, and I love how different they are from the ones I make by myself.
If you’re feeling stuck with your painting practice, I highly recommend collaborating — bonus points if your collaborator’s style/approach is really different from your own. There’s just no faster way to shake things up and get new inspiration, and, of course, it’s also a great opportunity to practice letting go 🙌🏽.
Want to get the ball rollin? Tag someone you’d love to collaborate with a see what happens! 🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️

When you run out of hands. 🙈
Pic by @zippylomax

⚪️ s u r r e n d e r ⚪️
#lil #mixedmedia #collaboration with @orlyavineri

Oh hello! I’m returning to the interwebs after a deeply cherished five-day journey to #spiritweaversgathering in Southern Oregon. Feeling so nourished from all the quality heartfelt connections, sleeping on the earth, singing around fires, jumping in rivers, learning new skills, unplugging, and filling my cup with all the things that matter most. This year was extra special because of the incredible squad of inspiring women I got to roll in with. So grateful for my soul sissies. Ya’ll filled my heart right up! 🌲👯‍♀️💕👯‍♀️🌲 —> @lynzeelynx @loveshovel @anahatakatkin @cvitamamic @pixielighthorse @kerileigh9 @primalvinyasa @jennette.nielsen @mununit @carriej0rdan #spiritweavers

Heeeeey friends. I just shared all seventeen of my “Hey Flora” videos over on my blog today. In each video, I share my thoughts on your burning creative questions, from painting hacks to biz tips, and more. Follow the link in my profile to check em out + let me know if you have any more questions you’d like me to chime in on — enjoy! 🙌🏽
Pic by @tysonrobichaud

Just received a bunch of digital files from my old licensing agent, so I’m taking a little trip down memory lane over here. This was a big ol triptych (8’ x 4’ I think?) I painted in Seattle for a commission, circa 2003 ish. It sure is trippy to think of how many of my paintings live out there in other people’s worlds. 🤔

My painted bathroom wall is officially not getting old (I love it!), and I’d like to take this moment to encourage more people to smoosh paint directly on your walls... if at all possible. ✨✨✨

Another new one inspired by that last big swishy circle piece I shared a few days ago. This one got pretty tight, but sometimes I enjoy a little fine tuned blending and geekery 🤪 It also just feels a bit new and different, and you know I love me some newness. 🤸🏽‍♀️

Yesterday I listened to a live-stream presentation by this amazing woman, Rachel Cargel (@1thatgotawayy here on IG). It was called, “Unpacking White Feminism,” and I want to be sure you know about it. (The recorded version is now available and linked in Rachel’s bio).
If you don’t already follow Rachel, I hope you will. Her presentation yesterday seriously laid out so much great information and allowed me to understand white feminism from a whole different perspective...even calling it “white feminism” was a huge eye opener!
As a woman with a platform who works primarily with women, I feel it is my responsibility to continually widen my scope of understanding around white privilege, intersectionality and inclusivity. This work is far from “comfortable,” but it is invigorating in its truth and importance at this time.
Thank you, Rachel, for being such a strong leader and visionary on this path. I know it must be so exhausting sometimes to be the “waker upper,” but please know it is making a difference and much appreciated. 🙏🏽


Something I love about intuitive painting is that I don’t need to have a grand plan going in. In fact, planning is pretty futile because every time I make a mark, add an image, or choose a new color, the whole painting changes. All I can really do is respond, moment-to-moment, to those changes. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
In this way, intuitive painting really becomes a practice in presence, which I definitely appreciate. Who doesn’t need more practice being presence, am I right?! One baby step after the next. Staying curious. Staying open to twists and turns. And trusting it will come together when it’s good and ready.
Gotta love how painting imitates life, always and forever. ☺️#braveintuitivepainting #braveintuitiveliving #metaphorsfordays

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