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Bridget Beth Collins  Botanical artist, painter, writer, nature lover, light seeker. Seattle. Prints and contact: floraforager.com For "The Art of Flora Forager" book>>


A little closer.

Lovely larkspur

I felt numb all day yesterday until I saw a soft blue flower covered in rain drops. It woke me up as if the part of me that could feel glee and glitter had been asleep. Thinking of it today made me want to make everyone else feel the same.

My kids and I celebrated harvest time today by heading into the country. We sampled cider, picked out some little pumpkins and gourds, giggled at fluffy chickens, and escaped the rain under a big maple tree. Finn took this picture of me!☀️

Another sneak peek! The Art of Flora Forager comes out in 9 days! You can pre-order through the link in my profile, or ask your local book store to carry it. (Why the push for pre-orders? They determine how many books get made, where they end up on bestseller lists, and help books get noticed by retailers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those of you who have taken a chance on me and pre-ordered. It's coming soon!)


I'm getting ready for cooler, cozier weather and I would love to know if anyone has any good tea or candle recommendations by creative handmade artisans. I'd love to try something innovative and new!

The way this rose is unfurling...😍

I just heard through the grape vine that every fruit/veggie selfie shared with #DrinkGoodDoGood @nakedjuice donates 10lbs of produce to @wholesomewave 🍇 that sounded like such a grape idea I had to contribute! (Luckily my neighbor has grapes or this would have been a broccoli crown.)

Calling all Botanical Garden gift shops! I'd really love to see my book available to all garden lovers, including ones who may not have Instagram. If you know of a shop that might like to have a pretty book filled with images made out of flowers, and waxes sentimental about the inspiration they bring, please let them know about The Art of Flora Forager! It's available world wide through Penguin Random House! You can order wholesale by emailing csorders@penguinrandomhouse.com

It's a silvery September in my garden. Russian sage, globe thistle, and hawkweed pods.

September woos me with a touch of blush on every leaf and fruit. I wade through constellations of starry seed pods strung with webs, and like them, my heart is aglow with equinox light. #floraforagerpaints

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