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Florian Wenzel  Based in Ulm, Germany hello@florian-wenzel.com

Wasn't the most scenic hike of our trip but definitely the one I enjoyed the most. It was so peaceful and we were the only people out there. Really needed this.

Paddling 28km in 24 hours was hard because I never did a canoe trip before. The thoughts about the food we would have when we would be back kept us motivated.

If you ever go to South Africa and meet a guy who is called @jacques_crafford . This guy has the best advices and he shows you the best place to eat a pizza. No kidding, I'm still dreaming of the best pizza in my life.

One of the sunsets I will never forget. We were already a little bit late but then I saw the clouds and the sun and the adrenaline pushed trough my veins. I run as fast ast as I can and I felt so lucky and happy when we finally reached the lookout. I couldn't stop to smile. These are the moments why I'm doing that stuff. Thanks for freezing and being a part of this @snemaset .

When we arrived at the parking lot this little fellow couldn't wait for the hike so he run away from his old owner and we run after him. We couldn't bring him back without his little swimming session.

We were amazed because this was our first view after stucking in the clouds for 13 hours. We didn't have any expectations and then it was a sunrise for the books!

It was crazy how many people were there before sunrise but this place is straight out of a fairy tale.

It's on my bucket list that one time in my life I will spend a few days in one of these cozy cabins and explore the surroundings. Would you do the same?

This is Max. We met him and his girlfriend at Maligne lake. Together we spent a beautiful morning deep in the Canadian Rockies.

After hiking trough fog and rain we finally reached the top of the mountain but we had still no visibility. My whole body was shaking, freezing and in the night it began to snow. Luckily the clouds moved away for sunrise and we we're rewarded with an insane view. Everybody screamed because of the joy we felt. @jonglr @marinaweishaupt @_fabiozingg @steffenegly

The complete hike took us 32km in 8 hours. Full of loudly talks, horrible chants only to avoid the bears and get to one of the most incredible views I've ever witnessed.

As a child we spent our holidays always at the ocean but I wouldn't call me myself a "beach person". Nowadays I prefer the mountains but the Oregon Coast left me in awe.

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