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Alex ⚓️  Digital Artist | Poetic Dreamer Psych Student | Taking a Break During Uni “Personifying Anima through a Canvas of the Soul”

Belle’s Twenty Four whispering tulips, anchored Daisy cast on soft driftwood deep sea. Recalling the limelight of old backyard summer ruins. A journal fresh kept imprints her on salt sea.

🌟Birth of a Galaxy🌟
In care of the minuscule is the constancy of pain
Model: My good friend @karaline_vie

Happy International Women's Day💜

Today I want to post something a little different. Recently I have been deeply moved and inspired by one person's compassion and nobility. She has brought hope and comfort to many, in a time where lights seem to have dimmed. Blue birds were cast away, but a green tree brew and its branches are enough to carry those whose wings have been trimmed away. This is @drjillstein . I wanted to do something special to show my gratitude for her, even if it's something as small as this. To commemorate her compassion and sincerity, coupled in her polite and gentle manner of expression, in a time were many are weary of the news.
I think it's wonderful that we have a choice to decide who we feel voices our deepest needs the most, that we have different ways of seeing the world.. As an artist I feel that I can only retain that title, if my work reflects my heart and soul. I felt there was a moment in which my convictions and inspirations merged into one single person. I've been deeply moved by @drjillstein 😊

My Sunflower. My Daisy. My Tulip. You are the Flowers that fill these empty rooms and adorn these stained glass windows. If your wandering memories are the orphaned flowers of a garden once known then my saltwater Heart is its shelter, tranquility and Home.

🌟The Fortress Dressed in Daisy Blue🌟
My soul was submerged as centuries named after planets collided and were forgotten. Under the sea did I write your name and dance with your familiar ghost.. It would be untruthful of me to say that there is not a vacancy inside my heart, a room untouched since the day you were engulfed by the sea. And it would be insincere of me to say that my tears did not fill up the expanse of the seas.. and not continue to do so.. And yet.. it was in that day that I became a bird, with a sailors cap.. in love with the delightful charm of the seas.. Endlessly pursuing her, in search for a never setting sun.. A sun adorned in tulips and clothed in the sonnets, that once wove through the hair that I loved so much. ==================
Collab with my mermaid friend @laliou ! Go check out her page it's awesome💜🙌

🌟Cell Shaded Blue🌟
There is but an ocean that begins to breathe, a cavernous ruin that has her memory etched upon its corners. A breathing blue, with roots coming from the depths of the sea. I walk through these caverns and make them my home. For there are now songbirds therein. Yes, songbirds that take me in and call me their own.

My second album art entry for @windsorairlift contest back in Feb. So happy how it turned out😊

🌟The Moon's House🌟
Keep me beneath the blue of your wings and wrap me around the hem of your garden dress. Your eyes are as blue, and arms are as wide, a cradle of galaxies caressed under the locks of your hair.
My first submission for the @windsorairlift album art contest.

🌟 The Saltwater Room🌟

My mind disintegrated into the flower pedals that caressed your hands.. And cotton nimbus embraced you. For in a room of oceans and salt, a starry haven is found. Where Sailboats find rest, and the world can collapse on the silk of her dress. =================
An edit for my most favorite singer ever @breanneduren ☺️And a million thanks to photographer @gretchenburkhart for her graciousness!

Model: My fairy friend @kosh_dp 😊🇷🇺🐰❄️

🌟Broken Thoughts🌟
These are just passages from a song, that I could never quite compose for you. That I have so cleverly spun together and tied to the wings of Daisies. ==================
Stock/Model: My adventurous friend @karaline_vie🐣 ❄️2013 Edit❄️

🌟She was my Daisy🌟
In the end I don't want anything in me but love, compassion and the ability to forgive. To be able to dream in the whimsical tones of my spirit. ==================
Stock/Model: @faestock 💛 ❄️2013 Edit❄️

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