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Been talking with a few friends lately about the lack of frontal plane and lateral line work. Have had a few creativity sessions with friends and we came up with some epic exercises. Will be posting a few here but saving the goodies for our FLO VAULT. ...
Give these here a try!
Love these for the Adductor activation you get.
✔️Drive the elbow into the ground and externally rotate the shoulder to pack the lat ✔️Draw the belly in and feel the oblique light up ✔️Drive the contralateral knee into the ground. ✔️Start with 5 seconds holds and increase for there.
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Hope this one makes sense to you. Tag a friend who needs to hear this.
If you'd like to learn more about these ideas, chat a bit or book a lecture DM me.
Our 14 Day Mindset Shift Challenge begins Jan 1st.
Email FloOsophy@gmail for info.
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Ok, last one from my floor jam. Super fun! Try these out. Got a few more but Saving those for our FLO VAULT MEMBERS.
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Calling this one Kicking & Screaming! More floor fun from today's creativity session. These and more have been added to our Movement Flows Category in our FLO VAULT!
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Quick floor flow using what I've learned from @danielgielmoment Floor Swimming, @animalflowofficial Animal Flow and other things I've learned along the way.
People don't realize how much work it takes to make MOVEMENT look effortless. I see lots of aggressive approaches to flows and movement. Remember, your intention matters. Mind, body and soul are connected ALWAYS. You want calmness you must move as such. Exercise is a form of stress. It can help release it or help cause it. The choice is yours. ...
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Talked to two different people yesterday about dancing Salsa 💃.
Then I remembered this video and had to repost.
#Repost @flo_fitness with @get_repost
Perfect way to blend my love for Salsa and Animal Flow!
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Another use for @flexdiscfit haha. Learning new exercises everyday. ...
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Be careful building your business on trends or fads. They will fade and you will be left behind. You will either need to evolve or dissolve. Try to build your business on constants, the things that never change. This will provide longevity. I see way more people now playing the short game and lacking any kind of long term plans. It's cool to leverage a fad or trend to help grow but it shouldn't be your rock. If your looking for help or someone to mentor you through the process email FloOsophy@gmail to set up 1 on 1 coaching.
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Talked a lot this weekend about Advanced Flow Design and Level 2. Here is a flow that I had put together after taking the course. Looking forward to seeing some of you at upcoming certs.
@animalflowofficial ...
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Our FLO-OSOPHY Program is based off of these two forms of advice. I guide people using my experiences but also use educational material to back things up. If you are looking to make a New Years goal this year and want someone to help you keep it join me for a 14 Day Challenge beginning Jan 1. ...
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Results are what people want. However, they want the results THEY want, not the ones you've created in your head. Listen to people when they speak. Don't assume everyone wants to look the same and be on the cover of Muscle Magazine. Most people want to live a happy and pain free life!
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