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Josh Bixler 


Crazy to see how quick they grow up!

Can't wait to share what these awesome guys built! #flitefestwest2017 was amazing in so many ways! They also surprised us by giving it to us to fly at #flitefest east this July! Can't wait to fly it again and for the episode to come out. So many awesome companies donated to make it happen. @hitecmultiplex @emax_usa @gensacebattery

Can't express how much I love this woman. I'm so grateful to have her as my bride and best friend!
@jenlynnbixler @flitetest #proverbs31woman

I have the coolest bride ever! She makes acute bunny too! Love you @jenlynnbixler !

Weather is finally turning around! Yesterday snow, today 60 degrees and sunny!
@flitetest @aviatorshow @zvada @austinfurey

Flying a wing with family can be as much fun as flying itself! So many memories being made under a beautiful piece of fabric. Thank you @aviatorshow for making this journey possible. If anyone wants a taste of what PPG is like, start with a wing! Can't wait for the FT episodes and also for some exciting solutions coming from Aviator PPG!
@aviatorshow @flitetest @austinfurey @zvada

Need more COFFEE!!!!!
@flitetest @zvada @austinfurey

So excited to see all the great things that get designed around this awesome little gremlin power pack! @flitetest @zvada @austinfurey @tbonedrones

Can't wait to see what happens when the #gremlins take to the skies! It's like foam board fun in multirotor form! @flitetest @austinfurey @zvada @tbonedrones

Can't express how excited I am to release this bird. No more poster board turtledeck or front hatch! @flitetest

If anyone has been around me much, they know of my insane fear of heights. The great folks @aviatorshow pushed out that fear with the beauty of witnessing Gods creation unobstructed. Can't wait to share the journey with the episodes we shot and also for an exciting year of flying my Pietenpol and powered paragliders! @flitetest @zvada @austinfurey

Running into the sky is life one of the most amazing sensations I have ever experienced. Going through that journey with some of your dearest friends makes it even better! Thank you @aviatorshow for changing our lives and for blessing us with a life long memory that we will always hold dear! @flitetest

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