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Sarah Hrebicek  Married to my Salty Capitan. Mommy to a Tiny Pirate and a Mini Mermaid. Elite Green Status Presenter with Younique. Always ready to laugh.

This new dip and draw eye liner is YUM!! So easy to use!!

My heart is so happy!!! I'm not going to be posting here as much, but if you want to come hang out with us on my personal account you can find us at @sarahhreebs ❀😚

When you would rather squint than hide your lashes #epic #seriously #makeup #mascara #eyes #love #momlife #mom #targetrun #alone #canyoubelieveit

Y'all. It happened!!!!! She was adopted!!!! Finally!!! #adoptedmyheart

Happy National Day of Lipstick!!! May you never run out of your favorite shade!! #amen #lipstick #makeup #smile #lips

My face when Bath and Both Works pretty their fall candles on sale!!!

One of these things is not like the others... Because as I was babying it through a regular wash the brush completely separated and the brush piece fell right down the drain!! πŸ’‹
See, my Younique brushes take a good washing like a champ. I can soak them for a few minutes to help breakdown the product and any oil. I can scrub them thoroughly to make sure I'm not creating gem lockers. And they stay together beautifully. No issues. πŸ’‹
And then there are these other brushes. I've had to replace several, multiple times. I cannot soak them even for a couple of minutes so I never feel they are truly clean. πŸ’‹
Now I've got one down my drain. I'm not happy you guys. Not. Happy. πŸ’‹
#makeup #makeupbrushes
#washingday #mua #clean #weekendjob #bw to protect the guilty.

This was my original plan for the prop for the photos tomorrow... I think you can see why this didn't work out... #adoptedmyheart

Found a pretty little bouquet for Bay's pics tomorrow!! #it's happening #3weeks #adoptedmyheart

You're gonna want to turn on the sound. #iamMOANA #adoptedmyheart

Today is a good day!! Today we we are wearing big smiles and watery eyes. Today we put the fear aside. Today we relax and breath and release the tension in our shoulders. Today we are too loud, highly sugared and overly caffeinated. Today we embrace the hope that we usually hold at arm's length for fear of the awful possibility we face. Today everything is good. Today we are one MAJOR step closer to our forever!! #adoptedmyheart #unanimous

Like, really beautiful. #momlife #funny #meme #tagaway #real #laugh

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