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After work party!

Lazy Sunday feeling, so let's watch Deathgasm.

Now spinning...
Dark Tranquillity - Atoma

Now spinning: Darkthrone - Panzerfaust

Vader - The Empire
A couple new albums arrived today. So let's start with gool old Vader.

Asphyx - Incoming Death

Now Spinning...

Sodom - Decision Day
Simply one of the best Sodom album in years.

Meshuggah - The Violent Sleep

Definitely no easy listening music but still Meshuggah remains unique album after album. Love this band!

Opeth - Sorceress
Personally i prefer Opeth the way they sounded on Ghost Reveries but i still like the new prog Opeth and especially this new album sounded great on Spotify.

Finally some new exciting LPs has arrived with the mail. So let's start with this dynamic duo from Norway.
Darkthrone - Arctic Thunder.

NP: Mayhem - Live at Zeitz
Finally at least one album that i have waited found it's way to home. There's a lot more albums on it's way.

NP Ghost - Popestar