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Lindsay Garrigus  You do you and I'll do me. If we do each other then let's do you and I. And smile. Or sing. Or smile and sing. And never judge, friends. Ever.

Pt.2 Aunties revenge. The only thing that stopped us was the bread bag busted open. Please note Nana's warning call 'Aeh Aeh Aeh!!!' #ripwhitebread #yougonnagetit #isthatallyougot #thisislove #tolivewouldbeanawfullybigadventure @tiff_fit_biff @alwayzondk @conano231

Pt.1 - He gets to hit me in the face with half a loaf of white bread KNOWING that I get to hit him back as hard as he hits me. The brave little nephew NAILS me in the neck!!! His face says it all #iknowwhereyousleep #homesweethome #testinglimits #tolivewouldbeanawfullybigadventure @tiff_fit_biff @alwayzondk @conano231

When moving to the city has penalties for talking about football, but he don't care, he'll still lick your ear @quyenrbui

So we are headed back to the mainland, one way ticket. 2.5 years of island life - what a ride, I learned so much about myself, met so many rad people, saw so many amazing things. I can't wait to come back and visit (and not have to work!!!) I'm going to miss you so much, you know who you are ๐Ÿ˜˜ #backtoschool #dashboardcat #tolivewouldbeanawfullybigadventure

Shhhh, I want to hear the stars come out #5040 #pnw #gettingawayfromaugust #andgettingreadytomovebackhome

Fields of wild flowers that smelled amazing and a gorgeous blue sky after a night under the stars, next stop, a chilly swim #5040 #cobaltlake #pnw

We were supposed to drop in for a quick visit so these boys would know where to adventure the next day when I was at work...we ended up climbing rocks, poking things, bush whacking, and wave watched for 2 hours. I love how these guys are always down for anything #myamericans #pnw #wyndandsea @loganervin @calvinervin

He turns his hat backwards, challenges the oceans and gets more then he anticipated #youwillneverwinthatbattle #pnw #wyndandsea #adventuring @loganervin @calvinervin

All to myself today, that never happens. @mermaid1__ I think of your pretty face and competitive, adventurous soul every time I'm here #ilivehere #buttwickfalls #pnw

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