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Lindsay Garrigus  You do you and I'll do me. If we do each other then let's do you and I. And smile. Or sing. Or smile and sing. And never judge, friends. Ever.

We were supposed to drop in for a quick visit so these boys would know where to adventure the next day when I was at work...we ended up climbing rocks, poking things, bush whacking, and wave watched for 2 hours. I love how these guys are always down for anything #myamericans #pnw #wyndandsea @loganervin @calvinervin

He turns his hat backwards, challenges the oceans and gets more then he anticipated #youwillneverwinthatbattle #pnw #wyndandsea #adventuring @loganervin @calvinervin

All to myself today, that never happens. @mermaid1__ I think of your pretty face and competitive, adventurous soul every time I'm here #ilivehere #buttwickfalls #pnw

It's a late gram, for sure but I was on vacation mode. Doesn't mean I'm not proud as hell of my sister!!! She warns her squad that they will hear our family before they see us, this turned out to be true. Then Linda takes the street and starts screaming, "That's my girl!" Yeah, she is! #happycanadaday #proudsister #tolivewouldbeanawfullybigadventure

Picture 1: recovering from doing our classic sister hand-in-face-during-picture-time. Picture 2: Lindsay takes a smack in the face from Sandi-Girl, someone was feeling a little competitive. Picture 3: dammit, Charlie-Bing and that damn flag. Picture 4 and 5: on the road to recovery. Picture 6: finally. Please note @tiff_fit_biff stink/gangster face the entire time 😹 @sandiwatkins @leahbanana1 #tolivewouldbeanawfullybigadventure

Can you see the face in the Hoodoo? Such an awesome adventure, countless moments of 'I wonder...'. Thanks @immajazzyninja for taking the lead and taking us to terrifying heights and heat @leahbanana1 #tolivewouldbeanawfullybigadventure #palousefalls #mustjumpintoadusttunnel

I don't ducking understand Snapchat. Maya is the 100th person to try to break me in #thedevilsapp @karinemaya

🎶 Take me to the river, drop me in the water 🎶

When you forget super important documents at your sisters house on the mainland and she needs to ship it express to the island...#dumbass #bigsisterlove #oopsies @redbeauty_by_design

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