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The FLEX program  Began in 1993 and there are over 26,300 #FLEXAlumni throughout the world today. Join us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using #FLEXProgram!


#FLEXProgram student Nikita from Ukraine shares the lessons he learned during #IEW2017 // "When I finished my 4th and last presentation for the day, I realized that International Education Week is not only about cultural exchange. It's also about overcoming your own fears and trying new methods of teaching. During IEW #exchangestudents get inspired by the ideas and support of each other. You feel yourself as a part of something great and huge. Here is some atmosphere of support and competition in the same time, and it greatly inspires to create something new and original. I've never played guitar and sang in front of an audience and I still was doubting if I should play at my presentation. Finally I just grabbed my guitar and went to school. I was a little bit nervous during my performance, but when I finished performing Ukrainian song I prepared, I heard loud applause, and in that moment I understood that I overcame my fear of playing in front of a big audience. And than without any doubts I performed this song on all of my presentations. I probably wouldn't have grabbed the guitar, if I didn't think about people that believe in me and inspire me by their presentations! Thank @flexprogram and @worldlinkexchange for support!" #FLEXisIEW Photo: @kotsnik7

With #IEW2017 coming to an end, don't forget to share your favorite moments with us using #FLEXisIEW! #FLEXProgram student Simona from Lithuania shares, "Had so much fun talking about Lithuania to students for International Education Week!" Photo: @scout_samoa

#FLEXProgram student Mariam beautifully sang in Georgian during her #IEW2017 presentation! FLEXers, how did you celebrate International Education Week? // "Today was the one of the best days of my #exchangeyear ☺️ I made a presentation about my country, Georgia 🇬🇪,I tried some Georgian songs and dance, brought them Khachapuri (traditional food). I’m so excited for having a chance to represent my little country in the USA!" #FLExisIEW Photo: @mariam_tavb

"International Educational Week is something incredible! I'm so crazy proud of being Ukrainian! I'm so happy every time people ask me questions or show their interest to my presentations! I've already gave 7 presentations at school and all of them were so different although the plan was the same. Students as well as teachers were laughing and crying with me, hearing my friends saying that they want to come to Ukraine is the biggest award I could ever dream about. Now I know that I'm doing what I have to and enjoying time of my life!" #IEW2017 #FLEXisIEW 📷: @chamo.mille

What have you shared during #IEW2017? #FLEXProgram student Aidin from Kyrgyzstan shows how he celebrated International Education Week in his host school! // "I managed to make lot of presentations. Today I talked about Kyrgyz culture, musical instruments, traditions, and food in Lewis Palmer High School. Everybody was so interested! I'm glad to be a part of this organization, and being a representative of your country is a lot of fun! Good luck, students!" #FLEXisIEW Photo: @aidin.turganbekov

"Every country is unique and every person has an unique story. I am so happy that during #IEW2017 I could share my story and my culture! Giving a presentation in the public library gave me the opportunity to share my culture with everyone! Beginning from kids, my friends, parents, and older! What a great experience!" #FLEXisIEW Photo: @orianapluta

Halfway through #IEW2017! #FLEXProgram student Leontina from Serbia shares, "So happy that I got a chance to show my American friends how beautiful Serbia is!" #FLEXisIEW Photo: @leontina_413

#FLEXProgram student Aruzhan from Kazakhstan shares her experience during day 1 of #IEW2017! "It was a day full of emotions, new people and representing my culture 🇰🇿 6 periods. 5 hours. More that hundred new friends, who now know about Kazakhstan! Thanks #FLEXProgram and @worldlinkexchange for this opportunity to share my culture with Americans 🇺🇸💖" #FLEXisIEW Photo: @atriwzo

"Hello everyone! Today I am so proud of myself. I had a presentation for International Education Week in 8th grade class. My presentation had several parts and they all included activities like dancing, religion practice, and sharing national candies and e.t.c. I think through this presentation #exchangestudents can get new ideas for #IEW2017. Let’s go guys, rock IEW in USA!" #FLEXisIEW @behruzgharibov

"You understand that presentations are successful when students ask you to take a picture together. @zhaaneell and I are working very hard to show students our cultures and traditions. Even if we live in different countries we have a lot in common. I tried to prepare everything, beginning with the clothes and finishing with music, dances, and food. It is wonderful to share your culture and to get the attention and interest of students back. Thank you for such opportunity @flexprogram and @worldlinkexchange!" #IEW2017 #FLEXisIEW Photo: @prosyankinaa

#FLEXAlumni Mariam from Georgia reflects on her #IEW2016 experience and shares advice for #FLEXProgram students as International Education Week begins! #FLEXisIEW // "One year ago I was representing my country in Lakeview and Montabella high schools in Michigan, USA and I can say that this is one of the best feelings, and a big responsibility, when you are the one who can interest people in your country, change their thoughts about it, and make them to love and visit it. "International Fairs" I attended was a bucket of amazing experiences, where I gained a lots of knowledge about other countries and many special friends, I will never lose. I am happy that I am an #exchangestudent and I had an opportunity to do this. Now I want to tell other exchange students not to miss the chance and participate in #IEW2017 because it is one of the best part of the #exchangeyear 😊" Photo: @mariam_geldiashvili

Happy International Education Week! #FLEXprogram students have been preparing for this week before they even arrived to the United States – and it’s finally here! FLEXers, remember to use #FLEXisIEW when sharing your IEW activities on social media. We can’t wait to find out what YOU will share during #IEW2017!

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