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Flexjet  Impeccable style. Unmatched service. You won’t just be flown, you’ll be moved.

While our #pilots will treat you like a VIP in the air, you'll get the same treatment at Flexjet events. From the Concours d’Elegance to Snow Polo in Aspen, we invite our customers to Flexjet curated and exclusive experiences all year long.

Our pilots have had the honor of serving many distinguished people, including the President. First Officer, Ken Rizer, a retired Air Force Colonel, was an F-16 pilot who in 2008 performed the re-enlistment swearing in of his crew chief in-flight near the DMZ between North and South Korea (pictured here). During his 25 years of military service in the Air Force, Rizer worked his way up to become base commander of Andrews Air Force Base from 2010-2012. His duties included overseeing the largest helicopter squadron in the Air Force, overseeing Air Force funerals at Arlington National Cemetery and providing security to President @barackobama during visits to the base. Before joining Flexjet in 2018, Rizer continued serving his country as an elected representative to the Iowa State Legislature. Today, he flies the Phenom 300 for Flexjet. #impressivepilots #Flexjet

The cabin of this super mid-sized aircraft seats 8 passengers and is appointed with an LXi custom cabin interior called Art Deco. Can anyone name the aircraft? Hint: Capt. Marty Cavato, one of our many #impressivepilots, flies this aircraft type.

One of the most popular #RedLabelbyFlexjet elements highlighted in our recent #TVCommercial is dedicated crewing. Unique to Flexjet and inspired by the Air Force, we assign one crew to fly the same aircraft. The result? That crew knows their assigned jet -- not just the aircraft type -- better than anyone.

The only thing more impressive than our aircraft are the people who fly them. As one of our pilots with a military background, Capt. Marty Cavato had a decorated military career. He received the Top Gun award for the F-4, and flew the same aircraft in 310 combat missions (you can see one of the F-4s he flew at Orlando Executive). Cavato received three Distinguished Flying Crosses and 27 Air Medals.
He continued his service as an air combat instructor pilot in the Air Force Aggressor Squadron flying the T-38 and F-5E and became an operational test pilot for the F-5 at Edwards AFB. After the Air Force, he piloted over 1,500 transatlantic crossings as a Delta 767 and 777 pilot. Today, he captains a #Challenger350 in our #RedLabelbyFlexjet program. You may have seen him fly in two of Flexjet's air-to-air photo shoots. We thank him and all of the Flexjet pilots with military careers for their service to our country. #impressivepilots #flexjet

The lead character in one of Flexjet's new #TVCommercials is Captain Reynolds. His extraordinary life experiences in the commercial were inspired by real Flexjet pilots. Stay tuned for their stories. #impressivepilots

In shooting our new #TVCommercial, @CharlieUniformTango videographers used a Movi XL rig to shoot the African Delta scene. What's more, the video cameras were equipped with #cookeanamorphic Special Flare lenses for the entire commercial. These rare lenses capture more data and gives a wide screen effect. #BehindTheScenes

We tapped the expertise of Flexjet pilots (right) in shooting our new #TVCommercial to ensure authenticity. Pair that with the work of the prestigious video production company @CharlieUniformTango and we had a winning formula.

Flexjet spent 3 years concepting and several weeks at locations around the world to shoot the company’s new #TVCommercial which begins airing next week on @CNBC, @FoxBusiness & @bloombergtv cable networks. Flexjet Owners have an appreciation for life’s great adventures & how Red Label by Flexjet can deliver unique, special moments. #Storyboard #BehindTheScenes

This well-known mountain range served as a stunning backdrop to another scene in our new #TVcommercial. Can you name the mountain range? Stay tuned for more #BehindTheScenes

Can you identify the aircraft we used in our new #TVCommercial from this #BehindTheScenes sneak peek? Stay tuned to social media and our website for the reveal of our campaign. #PinchandZoom

Flexjet's Mike Silvestro became CEO just before the financial crisis of 2008. As the company and its Chairman Kenn Ricci (next photo) celebrated his 10 year anniversary in that role this week, Flexjet has become a provider that is challenging the largest player in the industry on every front. See link in bio.

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