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FLEX Magazine  FLEX is your Mr. Olympia headquarters, and the authority on everything bodybuilding: training, diet, athletes, supplements, contest coverage and more.

Click the link in our bio for our ranking of the 10 most aesthetic physiques from the Golden Era of bodybuilding. Do you agree with our picks? If not, tell us who we’re missing. (📸: Courtesy of Weider Health & Fitness)

Happy 67th birthday to @theofficiallouferrigno! His hulking physique during his bodybuilding days has inspired countless athletes, and he’s graced the cover of FLEX numerous times over the course of his career. Check out the link in our bio for 30 of his tips for putting on muscle. (📸: Ron Gallela/Getty)

#TBT to Ronnie Coleman’s 800-pound squats 💪💪Click the link in our bio to watch the full video. #Repost @ronniecoleman8 ・・・
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Can going low-carb be dangerous? Is the frozen foods aisle a nutritional wasteland? Don’t let these common nutrition myths keep you from progressing toward your physique goals. Click the link in our bio for the truth behind nine food falsehoods. #nutrition #bodybuilding #fitness (📸: Nandita / Getty)

How well do you know the history of the Olympia? Click the link in our bio for the 10 greatest moments in the history of the contest. (📸: Bob Gardner/Courtesy of Weider Health & Fitness)

These days, choosing a protein can be tough. One of the hottest debates has been plant-based protein vs. animal-based options like whey. Comment with your go-to below, and click the link in our bio to find out whether one is better than the other. (📸: jorgegonzalez/Getty)

Looking to put on serious mass this fall? We’ve got five moves that will help you get huge—Link in bio. (📸: Marius Bugge)

💪🏽👀🙌🏾 #flex #october1990 #bodybuilding #legend #6xmrolympia
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My first FLEX. Magazine cover ....1990 ..They wanted me to lift pissy little weights while they sprayed me with water to make it look like sweat ...I said fuck that BS ..why don’t I do real lifting and you get the shot ...People will be more inspired ...and so it was a row with 200 lbs dumbbell 💪...readers loved the reality and from that day on Joe W and Flex started shooting with real ass weights !

It’s a given that lifting fuels your gains, but it does a lot more than that. Click the link in our bio to learn about the lesser-known mental and physical benefits of strength training. (📸: AzmanL/Getty)

Pick up a copy of the November issue of Muscle & Fitness, now incorporating FLEX, for a complete recap of the 2018 @mrolympiallc featuring @flexatronrhoden. Plus, find all of the #workout tips, muscle-building recipes, and #brainmuscles motivation you need to stay in shape as the temperature drops. Be sure to pick up your copy, with Dolph Lundgren & Shawn Rhoden on the cover, today! Check out the link in our bio for a preview of the issue. #flex #bodybuilding #muscle #fitness

One of our beautiful images of @juleshough as Betty Weider on the set of @biggerthemovie , photographed by @perbernalphoto . Mark your calendars for this Friday, October 12th, and visit biggermovie.com to find a theater near you! 🎬💪🏽👙
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OPENING THIS FRIDAY: See Julianne Hough as 1950's pinup model Betty Brosmer in BIGGER, the Joe Weider story. - For a list of theaters visit BiggerMovie.com
#biggermovie @juleshough

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