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Flex Society Daily Workouts  ⚠️Under Construction 🚧 We will be BACK in 2018, better than ever, with a more user-friendly app! ✨


Jumping Lunges! Today in our Lean, Mean, Sexy Leg Machine 😂 workout! Lunge in place, gently touching knee to the ground or getting it very close. Use your arms to swing you up and into a lunge on the other side!! These are an AWESOME booty builder and leg toner. Get after it girls🙌🏼 (@sarajanylala modeling her Flex Society dad cap!) #weareflexsociety

Kettlebell Kutie workout today with some of these single leg deadlifts! SUCH a good movement for the glutes 🔥balance on one leg as you lean forward to tap the weight on the ground. These can be done with no weight too! A kettlebell is a great piece of equipment to have in your home gym if you’re a member of the Flex Society, but we’ll always give options for workouts with no equipment too. Enjoy ladies!💪🏼🍑🔥❤️ #weareflexsociety #bunsofsteel #fitgirls

Sunday motivation! Let’s make it a great week, working towards those goals! 🌟

It’s November first y’all! That means Thanksgiving and holiday treats are coming our way 🙌🏼 Make sure you get your Flex workout in before indulging!
Today we have Burpees. Not your grandma’s bootcamp style either! This is our starting position for a Burpee, chest and thighs and full body touches the ground. From here, stand and jump while clapping overhead. Return to this position for each rep, move your body more = burn more calories! Get it girls!
#weareflexsociety #burpees

Have a safe and fun weekend of celebrations everyone!🎃 Enjoy today’s “Basic Witch” Workout and then go get your candy eating on (just not too much😝) Remember to check our Exercise Guide on our site for more movement demos if you forget a movement in our workouts (link in bio!)
#weareflexsociety #stronggirls

The V-Up! The older sister to the Tuck Up and sit up. Lay down with hands above your head, raising your legs and arms at the same time so that the middle of your body is a “V”. Make it your goal to touch your toes, but don’t worry about perfection! Just get as close as you can and do your best. These are tough, but don’t give up! Let’s strengthen that core! #weareflexsociety #coreworkout

Weekend Vibes 😝☀️

Flutter Kicks! A core movement you’ll find in today and tomorrow’s workout. Make tiny kicks up and down without letting your heels touch the ground, keeping arms out to your sides. Each kick is a rep! Enjoy today’s Core Crush workout outside in this beautiful SoCal weather or take it with you on our app to the gym. ➡️ALSO, be sure to check out our Exercise Guide on our website (link in bio) if you ever have questions about a move. Keep up the great work ladies, stay motivated and stay moving! 💕 #weareflexsociety #coreworkout

A little Monday Motivation to get you excited for your week of Flex Society workouts! Hard work pays off, don’t ever forget that! Make yourself proud this week, put in that work!💪🏼 #weareflexsociety #fitgirls #healthygirls #werk

Sundays are for the girls! We’ve got some max effort planks at the end of today’s workout, choose either a high plank (left) or regular plank (right) position. Get your Flex workout in and enjoy the rest of this beautiful day☀️
#weareflexsociety #planks

How does Flex Society work? We use a fitness software app to send you workouts DAILY, always in 2 versions ✌🏼one that uses equipment so you can take it to your gym, and one with NO equipment so you can do it anywhere! Sign up via the link in our bio👟💪🏼🍕

Flipping cuz it’s Fri-yay or practicing levitating because it’s Friday the 13th?🦇🕸😈 Enjoy today’s Friday the 13th workout with sets of 13 reps! Keep crushin it ladies!! #weareflexsociety #fridaythe13th

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