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Fleishik's  Sandwiches, Nosh & Whiskey. We're Kosher. A @midcoursehospitality, Avi Heyman & Daniel Uretsky restaurant. Menu by @chefgreeny & design by @jimhustead


For those of you who aren’t eating meat for the 9 days, come and dig into some of our featured special sandwiches on our “9 For The 9” menu, including The Great North! Piled so high with smoked salmon, fingerling potato salad, marinated fennel, cucumber, red onion, and lemon caper mayo, you won't even be missing meat. | #fleishiks #geshmak

Not eating meat for the next 9 days? We’ve got you covered with a bunch of delicious special menu items for you to nosh on! Stop in today to see what we’ve got cooking.
Sandwiches include: 🌯
The Great North: Smoked salmon, fingerling potato salad, marinated fennel, cucumbers and red onion, lemon caper mayo
LES: Smoked whitefish salad with green apple, red onion, celery and sweet hot mustard
Sloppy Yosef: Kishke cholent, caramelized onion, house pickles, deli mustard, and arugula
Spring Sabich: Hard boiled egg, harissa tahini, peppers, red cabbage, roast eggplant
The Beytzim: Deviled egg salad, romaine, horseradish mayo, tomato | #fleishiks #geshmak

It’s almost time for the weekend and we’ve got Havdallah burgers on deck for tomorrow night! We’re only making 20 so come in an hour after sundown and get them while they’re hot! | #fleishiks #geshmak

@ChefGreeny in the house ringing in Thirsty Thursday and enjoying Dr. Browns celery soda! What are you sipping on today? #fleishiks #geshmak

We made a mess with The Zayde and we’re not mad about it. It’s no wonder why this is one of our most crowd-pleasing sandwiches with grilled salami, house made pickles, caramelized onion, and deli mustard! Who wants a bite? 😍🌯 | #fleishiks #geshmak

We liked it, so we put an (onion) ring on it. 😍
Take 1/2 off sides and spirits during Mitzvah Time aka every night from 8-10pm! | #fleishiks #geshmak

Hats off to a brand new week and a heavy dose of #geshmak! Don't forget, we've got happy hour every night from 8-10pm with half off sides and spirits.
It's Mitzvah time! 🤗🥃 | #fleishiks #geshmak

Saturday night = Havdallah night! 🍔
We've only got 20 burgers available, so come and get them while they're hot! 🔥😍 | #fleishiks #geshmak

It’s Thursday and you know what that means! Cholent fries are in the house! Stop by tonight and indulge in our version of “chili fries” with stewed brisket, salami, pastrami, beans, harissa, paprika, and onions served over crispy French fries. These are perfect for sharing… though we think it’s perfectly acceptable to save them all for yourself. 🤗 | #fleishiks #geshmak

Even @chefgreeny makes a mess sometimes! 😜
His "Make Your Mess" is piled with pastrami, red cabbage, sweet hot mustard and yes, those are French fries.
What's in your mess? 😍🍟🌯 | #fleishiks

Come say hi and beat the heat! We have a 🥃 with your name on it. | #fleishiks

It’s Mitzvah time! Let’s get happy! We’re cranking out happy hour specials every night from 8-10pm (all night Saturday) with ½ off sides and spirits. Now you can have your #geshmak and eat it too! 🥃🍟 | #fleishiks

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