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Fleishik's  Sandwiches, Nosh & Whiskey. We're Kosher. A @midcoursehospitality, Avi Heyman & Daniel Uretsky restaurant. Menu by @chefgreeny & design by @jimhustead


F ✡️ marks the spot for #geshmak | #fleishiks

Now this is our kinda lunch spread! Thanks for sharing your #geshmak, @thefoodgps ❤️ | #fleishiks

BFLT, unwrapped! Our beef fry is next level #geshmak and is best paired with cold beer on a Friday afternoon. Why are you not here? 🌯🍺 | #fleishiks

All dressed up with no where to go… can anyone guess which sandwich is inside? High five for anyone who guesses right! 🙋🏻‍♂️ | #fleishiks #geshmak

Everything’s better with a fried egg and our Sedar Plate is no exception! We’ve found a way to transform this traditional plate into a delicious sandwich piled high with smoked turkey, cranberry walnut charoset, romaine, and horseradish mayo. We’re all about it. 🍳🌯 | #fleishiks

A glass of whiskey is a sandwich's best friend. ❤️ | #fleishiks

Regram via our amazing next door neighbors, @sweetrosecreamery! Thank you for the support and for being our favorite post-sandwich treat on the block. 🌯 + 🍦 = ❤️ | #fleishiks #geshmak

We read your comments and the winner of this month’s “crowd favorite” sandwich is none other than the Teddy Hertz! Come and get it while it’s hot! You’re gonna need two hands for this one. 😜 | #fleishiks #geshmak

ROLL CALL! Now that we’ve been open for several months and you’ve had the time to try out multiple sandwiches, we wanna know: which one is your all time favorite? 🌯
Vote below! | #fleishiks

Can we get a holla for our grilled salami sandwich on rye? Tag someone who would love this #geshmak! | #thezayde #fleishiks

One of our favorite (and most unique) design elements is our hand-washing sink right by the register! Don't be shy, help yourself and wash up before you get to noshing! | #fleishiks

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