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Fleishik's  Sandwiches, Nosh & Whiskey. We're Kosher. A @midcoursehospitality, Avi Heyman & Daniel Uretsky restaurant. Menu by @chefgreeny & design by @jimhustead


Oy! Did you know we have salads too? Summer bod comin' right up with our Romaine Waldorf: Crisp lettuce, dried cranberry, walnuts, and green apples tossed in balsamic vinegar! 😋🥗| #fleishiks #geshmak

Thirsty? We’ve got the perfect cure! Stop by after work for a glass of whiskey with some nosh on the side. 🥃 | #fleishiks #geshmak

BFLT Baby! This #geshmak sandwich is piled high with beef fry, deviled egg salad, tomato, red onion, and romaine lettuce. It really doesn’t get much better than this. | #fleishiks

Not sure what sandwich to order or which nosh to sample? Our awesome team is here to make your experience with us that much more delicious.
Feel free to ask us any questions about our kosher goods. We’re friendly, we promise. 😉| #fleishiks

We'd love to extend a huge thank you to @Zagat for featuring The Bubbe in their LA sandwich piece!
They've made all of our Bubbes proud over here 😊(link in bio) | #fleishiks #geshmak

Friday #Geshmak on tap with The Great North! This sandwich is piled high with smoked salmon, fingerling potato salad, dill, marinated fennel, and lemon caper mayo. 😋 | #fleishiks

The only thing better than a salami sandwich is a salami sandwich with a cold beer on the side! We’ve got more than whiskey to choose from in our beverage selection for all of you beer and wine drinkers. After all, we wouldn’t want your sandwich to get lonely. 😜🍺| #fleishiks

We are Kosher! Still not sure what all of that means? Don’t worry, we have a handy dandy cheat sheet posted up right at the front that will tell you everything you need to know. Questions? We’re here to help! | #fleishiks #geshmak

Our idea of a workout is lifting these sandwiches to our faces. You feel us? | #fleishiks #geshmak

We’ve got that buzz factor, according to the @HollywoodReporter! Tap the link in our bio to find out how @chefgreeny’s modernized elements helped us land on their list of the 20 Hottest Restaurants Right Now! | #fleishiks #geshmak

Any day is a good day for pastrami on rye! We’ve brought in a classic, while turning up the heat with 1001 island dressing, crispy onions, lettuce, and jalapeno tomato relish. 🔥 | #thehotmess #fleishiks #geshmak

Poll time! What's your favorite @fleishiks sandwich and nosh? We wanna know! Comment below ↓ | #geshmak

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