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you won 25 million and your gf/bf was arrested, they requested 24 million for bail out.....will you bail him/her? be sincere.....

when you and bæ in the kitchen and your song comes on @flawlessputas.xo

if you can't picture yourself having a future with the person you're in a relationship with, why are you together?

what would be your reaction if you're husband asked you to fuck another man for 5 million?

when you're putting your clothes on and your fave song comes on
credit: @jeamyblessed
follow: @flawlessputas.xo

remember when you first started driving and everything was scary. now you're going 80, putting salsa on your taco, driving with your knees.

someone asks you to marry him and your 3th emoji is your reaction

me when cardi b comes on @flawlessputas.xo

some relationships don't work because people think it's ok to ignore somebody when they're mad instead of communicating

what is the most annoying thing?
• alarm in the morning
• a crying baby
• someone who snores

Goodnight 💕

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