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what would you do if your boyfriend told you he is in love with your bestfriend?

what would you do if your boyfriend is in love with your mom?

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what's your biggest fear?

now WHY THE FUCK would you send me the same photo you put in your story WHY. such people need god

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would you rather have 10 million dollars right now or after 15 years 1 billion dollars?

when you're graduating but u scared to enter the real world cuz you cheated ur way through all years

who still remembers this video @flawlessputas.xo

some girls get beaten up by their boyfriends and stick around saying "i see something in him" like bitch wtf you see???? a rematch?

your husband says he has to go to another country for work, you find out he is hanging out with some girls on the beach.. what do you do?

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