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Flauschi ♡  Cosplay | Lush ♡| Pets Lvl 20 Germany Next Con: Animuc 2018

~ Giveaway ~

Hello lovelies!
As I already announced on my IG Story I will start doing smaller Giveaways from time to time ♡
Whats there to win? Swipe next ♡
How do you enter? Just comment something!
But beware: only emojis/gifs not counting, and you must be a follower of my page :) As Shipping costs are very high, only the people living in germany can participate :( but there will be something for everyone in the future!
Hope you like it, see you soon 😘 ~~~~~~~~ Hallo ihr Lieben!
Wie ich bereits in meiner IG Story erwähnt habe, wird es ab sofort kleinere Giveaways geben ♡
Was kann ich Gewinnen? Wischt auf das nächste Bild ♡
Wie nehme ich teil? Kommentiert einfach das Bild!
Aber Achtung: nur emojis/gifs zählen nicht, außerdem müsst ihr mein follower sein :) Weil die Post ins Ausland recht teuer ist, können diesmal nur Leute mit Wohnsitz in Deutschland mit machen :( aber für die Zukunft wird es auch Kleinigkeiten für alle geben!

Ich hoffe es gefällt euch, wir sehen uns bald 😘

Foto: @th.mess
Lots of help with the armor: @Kon__art
Character: Alola Ninetails Gijinka
Game: Pokemon

#cosplay #ninetails #ninetailscosplay #ninetailsgijinka #pokemon #pokemoncosplay #alolaninetails #alolaninetailscosplay #alolaninetailsgijinka #flauschicosplay

Swipe next to see more!
As promised some Olivia WIPs!

Check out my Facebook for detailed descriptions, or if you like to just ask me :3

#cosplay #WIP #progress


Hello lovely People!
Sorry that its so quiet atm :(
Im at home with a cold Today, but I hope to show you some progress until the end of the week! So please stay tuned a little longer ♡

Hallo ihr Lieben!
Tut mir Leid dass es zur Zeit so ruhig hier ist :(
Im Moment liege ich mit Grippe Zuhause, aber ich hoffe dass ich euch bis Ende nächster Woche ein bisschen mehr zu meinem neuen Cosplay zeigen kann. Bitte habt noch ein bisschen Geduld! ♡

This pic was taken by @kon__art when we tried out his new equipment :) hope you like Casual pics as well!

How is everyone doing?
I guess I never showed you a pic of me and @th.mess from Dokomi Ball :D
Doesnt he look handsome? 😚
What did you wear for Dokomi Ball?
Show me ♡
Wie gehts euch allen denn so?
Ich hab euch noch gar kein Bild von mir und th.mess beim Dokomi Ball gezeigt.
Sieht er nicht gut aus im Anzug? 😚
Was habt ihr zum Dokomi Ball getragen?
Zeigt mal ♡

Foto by @shiroscos

Materials for Olivia are here :)


I wish everyone a lot of fun at Comic Con Stuttgart! ❤

Just throwing in a little outtake picture from the shooting with @harrasaki !
I really had lots of fun with @shiroscos as my Hope 😄

Also my fabric for my next Cosplay came, so I will try to take many WIPs for you (I always forget that lol) --------------------- Ich wünsche euch allen eine schöne Zeit auf der Comic Con in Stuttgart!❤ Heute will ich euch nur ein kleines Outtake Bild vom Shooting mit Harrasaki zeigen.
Ich hatte wirklich sehr viel Spaß mit Shiro als mein Hope 😄

Heute hab ich auch die Stoffe für mein nächstes Cosplay bekommen. Ich werd versuchen ganz viele WIPs für euch zu machen (normalerweise vergesse ich das immer lol)

Was ist euch lieber?
What do you prefer?
Soll ich meine Posts auf Englisch und auf Deutsch verfassen? Oder nur bei Englisch bleiben?
Da ich doch überwiegend Deutsche follower habe, bin ich am überlegen ob ich meine Posts zukünftig zweisprachig verfassen soll. Wäre cool, wenn ihr mir eure Meinung dazu schreibt! 😊

Das Bild von mir als Aulea mit dem kleinen Noctis ist auf der RPC entstanden. Endlich ist der kleine bei mir eingezogen 😍
As most of my followers are german, I was wondering if I should write my posts bilingual? Would be cool to hear your opinion on that!

This Foto of me was taken at RPC. Im so happy that little Noctis finally moved into his new home 😍

Photo and edit by @th.mess (GOD he has improved so much!)
Cosplay and doll by @whiteravencosplay

Do you have some Catnip? ~♡ HELLO PEOPLE!

Im sorry that it is a little quiet over here, but soon I'll be working on some new Cosplays !♡
I will try to make more WIP Pics in the future, so stay tuned 😘😘 Pic: @th.mess
Cat Set: @kittensplaypenofficial
#cute #cat #kitten #kawaii #kitty

"When the world falls down all around you, and hope is lost, when you find yourself alone, amid a lightless place, look to the distance. Know that I am there, and that I watch over you always"

Guys, how have you been?
Im quite relaxed from vacation, so I soon want to start on some new Cosplays :D

Here have a picture from Dokomi! I really love how it turned out, what do you guys say?
I feel so comfortable as Luna <3 Im glad that I spontanously decided to cosplay her!

Photo by @th.mess
trident made by @wesens_costumes (thanks to @schattennymphecosplay for borrowing me <3)

#cosplay #cosplaygirl #finalfantasy #finalfantasycosplay #finalfantasy15 #finalfantasy15cosplay #finalfantasyxv #finalfantasyXVcosplay #Luna #lunacosplay #lunafreya #lunafreyacosplay #lunafreyanoxfleuret #lunafreyanoxfleuretcosplay #flauschicosplay

Hello peeeeps!
Are you going anywhere for vacation this year?
Tomorrow me and @th.mess will Fly to greece :3 I'm already super excited!

So here, have a funny Outtake pic from RPC! Im a happy pokemon ♡
I will try to spam lots of pictures in my story, so if youre interested in my vacation pics check it out! 🤗

Until next week!

Pic: @th.mess
#cosplay #cosplaygirl #ninetails #ninetailscosplay #ninetailsgijinka #outtake #flauschicosplay

Guys, how was your day? Are you all okay? 😄
Mine was pretty uneventful.
Anyways, you asked for a new Aranea pic, so here you go! 😄 I am currently preparing some stuff for future (regular) Give Aways, so stay Excited!
And I also launched my Patreon Account - for now, there wont be any differences from Facebook or Instagram, but starting next year I want to bring you suuuuper awesome content!

So Please stand by me ♡
Photo (and lots of halp with my lance) done by @kon__art

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You wanted ninetails? YOURE GETTING NINETAILS!
First pic of my late Minute Cosplay for RPC. I crafted the armor in ~2 weeks before the con and finished it the morning of the con. But I think it looks pretty decent? :D
Fun fact: I only did this cosplay so I could reuse the super awesome spear! So best Thing I could think of was Making a Alola Ninetails Warrior Gijinka :D
And now to all the credits:
Huuuuge thanks to @Kon__art for helping me out so much with the paintjob! I couldnt Have done it without you 😭
He also made the resin crystals!

And of course to @th.mess for taking the pic!
He has improved so much during the last conventions ♡

Have you ever made a cosplay to reuse old Things? Show me!

#cosplay #pokemon #pokemoncosplay #gijinka #gijinkacosplay #ninetails #ninetailscosplay #alolaninetails #alolaninetailscosplay #warrior #warriorcosplay #alolaninetailswarriorgijinka #alolaninetailswarriorgijinkacosplay #flauschicosplay #cute #sexy

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