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flatbushfather  I'm the proud real-life father of the amazing Flatbushgirl..... "Trolls Not Welcome👿☠💣"

A great message between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur!
Gmar Tov everyone!

Ever since my daughter @flatbushgirl has started to push the idea of #frumwomenhavefaces, it is unfortunate at the amount of hate that has been directed at her and has been written in the comment sections of many instagram pages; for trying to encourage discussion about this issue. I'm sure that anyone can now understand why I've placed this video by Rabbi Shafier #rabbishafier from @the_shmuz on my page that deals directly with the terrible amount of #loshonhara that it has generated. As Rabbi Shafier points out, while eating traif is anathema to us all, it pales in comparison to the the 17 lo sassays and 14 assays one potentially violates with every word of loshon harah said or written about a fellow jew. In my opinion, everyone who wrote and commented so much hate must contend with the fact that regardless of their opinions about Flatbushgirl and her posts, their comments of rechilus and loshon harah and genuine words of hate, far outweigh anything she has ever posted. My thanks to all those supporter out there who came to her defense in one form or another and may Hashem grant you all sholom and success in all things!

We shouldn't believe everything we hear... inspirational and great advice!! 🤔🤝 Sholom al Yisroel!!

9 examples of a time when there was a normal approach to the printing of images of women in periodicals and other publicly disseminated publications.

Unlike today's extreme ban on all female images, regardless of the actual content and subject matter. It's always easy to assur something, the emes of yiddishkeit is to know the difference between truth and distortion

The 10th image is a farce!


A picture from the past... posted on Fathers Day 2017 - I've been a lucky father for nearly 3 decades to my precious little girl 👸🏻and 3 great boys🤴🤴🤴! @flatbushmother

The Flatbush Family, both father and girl carry tefillin bags, but only one is filled with make-up and toiletries.... Can you guess which is which?

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Boruch Hashem - so many sweet memories - so blessed!

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