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Flashfood  Allow consumers to have access to food items that are not wanted by retailers & would otherwise be destined to become #foodwaste Next stop: Oakville!

Here’s how much one of our customers has saved using the Flashfood app for her groceries for the past few weeks. Like whoa?! ⠀

Join the wait list and get notified as soon as we launch in Oakville (link in bio). Tell your friends and family - let’s spread the word so that we can expand to even more stores near you!!! Wheee!

Hey Flashfood fridge! What glorious savings do you have for us today?? 🙌🏼⠀

If you’re in Oakville, you’ll see Flashfood signage creeping into the store - we’re setting up, starting testing and launching real soon!! If you want to know the second we’re live - sign up 👉🏽 [LINK IN BIO]

We’re loving the look of this veggie curry 🍛 made with ugly veggies from the Flashfoodbox by @eatwitheva Perfect for chilly nights and back to school dinners. ⠀

What’s your go to weeknight dinner?⠀
📸 @eatwitheva

Did you know we’re planning to launch the Flashfood app in another store in the GTA?!⠀

Wanna know where? ⠀

Well, let’s just say it’ll be in Oakville. 🐱 ⠀
Get notified when we launch 🚀 by signing up here: http://bit.ly/oakvillestoresignup⠀


We got a juicy giveaway coming up too - stay tuned!!! ⠀

What’s better than potato peel pie? 🥔 😎

Um, everything? Okay it’s definitely this masterpiece by @wholeonlife - vegan potato casserole, skillfully made from destined for the landfill, ugly potatoes (not so ugly now!)
📸 @wholeonlife

Have you ever had this moment: "I'm just gonna flip this omelet here... oh never mind, I'm having scrambled eggs..." Comment with an emoji if you have. 🙈

Here's our Founder and CEO @joshdomingues in our downtown #Toronto, totally awesome office. #worklife

This fridge might look full but actually, a lot of the stuff in here is reserved (see the orange post-its?) When you order on the app, your food gets reserved, then you can come in and pick it up later that day. #thatshowitsdone

What did the noodle say to the macaroni when they were walking down the street? 🍝 .
Go Pasta!

It's hard to believe that all these delicious looking veggies would've been thrown away. Insane isn't it? Thanks for the shot 📷 @holistic.foodie

Have you ever made zoodles from zucchini? like 📷  @wholeonlife has here? #yum

Have you seen the deals today? Simply download the app on your iPhone or Android and start browsing those deals at Masse's No Frills, Gammage Superstore or Farm Boy. We're in 5 stores in London, Ontario and looking to grow grOW GROW!!! Stay with us, we'll get to a store near you super soon.

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