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Martin "Flap" Snellström  30 years old. Retired FMX rider. I like motorcycles, whiskey, bunnies and inventing stuff. And my hair is turning gray. And I love it.


I was driving from the south side (where we live) to the north side of #stockholm tonight to pick up my girl at work, 5-6 hours after the attack. And these signs were up all along each exit of the highway around the city (top photo). Felt very surreal. Can't read the text in the photo (since a lot of u only read English, and well it's blurry as hell) but it says - loosely translated - "emergency. Stockholm city closed". Pretty sketchy and disturbing. Love this city, been here all my life and it's damn sad that some fuck felt he had the right to do what he did. So many close calls with people very near and dear to me, and others lost their family/friends. Not sure why it happened yet but whatever the reason it's bullshit.

So pretty. We'll do some dancin this weekend. #Blackandyellow #rmz450 #24mx

Ahhh... Playing in the sand.. can't wait to do more of this soon.. thanks to my badass #suzuki #rmz450 for all these happy times. Ps still sore. #monkeybutt #officefitness #old #nomorehashtags

We are back! She's finally not a studio girl anymore. After a long hiatus she got down and dirty in the field today. Not a bad day at all, good people and fun times. Although, following freakin sixdays rider @therealcw91 on his "easy" trail through the woods damn near had me quit riding altogether. But we made it..
#suzuki #24mx #rmz450

Ok this is just ridiculous 😂 first time I miss my van since I got rid of it. Sketchhhhy, but what the hell. At least stayin classy-ish..? #business #suzuki #24mx #suitsandbikes #mercedes #nomakeup #nomorehashtags god damn. Dear bike, Please don't fall off.

Cruel, cruel world. I guess the curse is still on... snow/rain hit again. Oh well, at least we're still riding dirt bikes on Saturday. Comforting. @duffie808 you were right my friend.. #mb #mercedes #rainorshine #nomorehashtags

Ok I realize this is not interesting to anyone except myself, but since I'm old now I don't care. First time out of the last 6 times I've had my car detailed that it didn't start raining / snowing right around the time I picked her up. I'll take that. Positive vibes. Ps, shit, I gotta do something cool soon or I'm gonna start loosing my mind (and all my lovely social media followers). Dirt bikes this weekend for sure. Haha. 👴🏻 #mercedes #mb #supercrossonly #norelation #30isreallygettingtome #ihatehashtags

A week late on this - but thanks for all the happy birthday wishes! Y'all are good people.
PS I have officially gotten my first gray hair. I'll keep you all updated on my aging, don't worry.

So that happened.. 3.0

Some things have changed in the past 5 years, some remain the same! Haha

Blue hose? Hmm big decisions to make over the weekend. #rmz450 #suzuki

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