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Efforts: A Love Story
Expect something different

#outsoon #endofthemonth
[ o ] @ssteevvoo and @simonberghoef

Nostalgia time. This technically counts as the first street edit I ever made which never saw the light of day. Jasper Alford from 2012-2013, filmed almost entirely by people other than myself. If Jasper still had an Instagram I'd tag him. #missyoubabydiaps

The movie is 5 hours long and it's just this one shot. [ o ] @jacquelinelammert or @warmluke

Here is our salute to Flanel's official spot dog Quinn. The best spot companion we've ever had, I think I spent more time at spots with him than I have some guys I've filmed with. This legend used to pull his owner @dan_pandzic into spots faster than a bungee could. He would always watch Dan closely at spots and be the first to congratulate him after he got a shot. Here's to you Quinn Pandzic, always the number one Flanel dog.

I honestly don't know where @linden_cool came from, it seems like one day he just showed and started filming with us. He has completely come out of his box since then and can twist in pretty much every direction. I am not quite sure where he comes up with his tricks, but when he does them we generally put the camera down in awe for a couple hours. Here is Linden Cool's season edit for you to wrap your mind around.

Additional filming: @nathankudla @andrewfleesphoto

@starke_eric reaction to seeing Efforts.

Happy Birthday to one of our favorite people @nocrustdust ! In celebration here is some of his best clips from last year's video When It Happens.

Northern Michigan shooting star Dusty Miller is getting after it out at Hood this summer. He's pretty much a good third of our video this year so get ready for a lot of Miller time. [ o ] @staywild

The second half of the dynamic duo that put out hard for this year's edits. @smashthelikey is probably the most quiet person we've filmed with, but he just lets his riding speak for itself. Averaging at over 15 shots an edit he was our tank this year and we couldn't be prouder. The master of tony hawk pro skater multiplier combos while somehow still looking smooth. Here is Ave's season edit for your visual stimulation.

Efforts: A True Story, coming soon to a computer terminal near you. [ o ] @smashthelikey

@brandon_vandyke railed all season long to have some of the best shots in our edits this year. We would make up tricks that sounded impossible and he would somehow be able to visualize them. Thanks to Brandon for getting the hell beaten out of him trying all of this time and time again, I think it really paid off. Here is Brandon's season edit for your enjoyment.

Extra footy: @nathankudla

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