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focus on the architecture not the dog

I'd take a magic carpet over a taxi but still


didn't get out from behind the camera often, but when I did I was a lil messy, lotta happy. can't wait for the best part of the summer🎶 #PALSLOVE

happy valentine's day I hate everyone I've ever met so here's a picture representing NYC which I actually love

MY GIRL💘💘 #wyse

fan lady meets cactus lady #womenswork #workwithwomen

ur fav rosy-cheeked room made a new friend! literally we made her!

TREAT YO' SELF #applesauce

the inscription on the courthouse reads, "The true administration of justice is the firmest pillar of good government." We'll see. #whatdemocracylookslike #solidarity #neverforgetmeansnow

today I used the word juxtaposition at 8 am hbu

thanks for the hope, gals/allies. my timelines and life has been full of your incredible work/goals/passion/determination/achievements/solidarity and it's what is beginning to restore my hope in my own worth. where would any of us be without strong women? thank you, from the bottom of my heart @womensmarch and the 1 out of every 100 people in the country who marched this weekend and strive for better every day