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amber  Transmedia design ninja all up in your face.


If you have ever modeled for me in a show, event or photoshoot and would like a free body cage, message me with a mailing address and size. Need to clear some space for the next big things. <3

Nice little weekend getaway. I think we brought Seattle with us to San Diego.

#quality #seattlefashion #fashionblogger Fl3715h Gear is into investment garments, not disposable fast fashion. We get it... But choose not to produce like that. Small runs and high quality allow us to sleep at night.

Our new TOR Cage modeled by the lovely Jessica. <3 Photo by @bingme2001 #seattlefashion #fashionblogger #everydaycosplay

That time I went to #bdyhax then came home with a new NFC implant and LED fingernails. #dangerousthings #outlawnailz #fashionblogger #fashiontech #fashiontrends

Another fave from our last collection. #seattlefashion #fl3715hgear #fashionblogger

More orders, more relaxing weekends with some wine, a jazz selection from my <3 and sewing. I think I dreamt about being able to do this one day in college.

Behind the scenes at last nights @chance.fashion lingerie show. Thank you for all the <3 folks. You keep this train rolling! More awesome to come this year!

Oh UX... You so flat. Better adapt quick because spacial volumetric physics engines with gesture predictive AR viz is a commin... #bdyhax #quantuminterface

#bdyhax Put Together wearable tech fashion show. Well now... That was some interesting stuff.

<3 all bodies. Sometimes the model with just the right attitude to rock your latest gear has bigger tits than your dress form and some humyn hips. You either pick a different model or make the alterations to fit. There is no perfect formula for body measurements and dress forms are generally metal cylinders covered in fabric. As if thighs were ever meant to be perfect cylinders! Pshaw. Where is the industry on a ground up tools update to celibrate humyn bodies? #ShowPrep #fashionblogger

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