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Fi Munro  Health Blogger of the Year 2017 | Scottish Fundraiser of the Year 2016 | yoga teacher - Bliss Yoga Perthshire | author | stage IV cancer warrior | PhD

Just a little bit of snow in errol then...Huge thanks to all at @PerthandKinross for their constant efforts in keeping our roads safe and clear...we love you guys! #pavementphoto #roadsareclear #beatsfromtheeast #scotland #snow #carseofgowrie #perthshire #errol #snowdrift

Just a little bit of snow in errol then...Huge thanks to all at @PerthandKinross for their constant efforts in keeping our roads safe and clear...we love you guys! #pavementphoto #roadsareclear #beatsfromtheeast #scotland #snow #carseofgowrie #perthshire #errol #snowdrift

We are back safe and sound in our home and I am attempting to provide an update of our incredible adventure...however I don’t think words can do it justice...we had an incredible time traveling from Scotland, to London, to France, to Italy, back to France and then, finally, back to London and home again... While traveling down to London at the start of our journey I turned to Ewan and said, “you know, every moment that happens from now on wouldn’t have happened if my cancer hadn’t returned. We wouldn’t be on this train. We wouldn’t be going to Europe. Instead, we would be traveling to Thailand.” “We better make sure every moment is amazing them,” he replied, always knowing exactly what to say to me.

And that is exactly what we did! Every day was a new adventure that we embraced to the fullest. We walked nearly 110 miles in total as we explored our surroundings; saying a huge YES to every opportunity that came our way; eating lots of food; traveling to loads of different destinations and laughing until our bellies ached. It was perfect in every way, above all because I got to spend so much quality time with my wonderful hubby - there are not many people I could spend three weeks with!
The ultimate highlight for me was attending The Nice Carnival. It was an evening parade filled with celebration, music and lots and lots of confetti! They let off continuous confetti bombs throughout the parade. I’m sure it won’t be hard for you to picture e spending the evening dancing in the street as confetti fell from the sky all around me (photos are Ewan’s). The next day, even after a shower, washing and drying my hair, I was still finding bits of confetti would ‘appear’ every time I brushed it. It was amazing and I learned that one of my favourite things is to dance and celebrate the moment, yes, even with complete strangers in a foreign country. It was amazing! (In case you are wondering, the streets were clear the next morning thanks to an amazing teach of street cleaners). More detailed updates to follow...including how we had such an amazing trip on a tiny budget and how to travel with a critical illness...

In other news...check out how much my hair has grown!! 18 months post chemo!... I remember constantly looking online for pictures of hair regrow after chemo...counting down the months it would take to grow back...so ladies (and gents) know that it will grow back before you know it! And, in the meantime, you get to have fun with a range of short hairstyles! 🙌🏼🙏🏻💖🌸

Who would be interested in attending a three day yoga, meditation and deep healing retreat - including a range of healing practitioners - in Scotland? #GettingAnIdeaOfInterest

I am going to be running a series of workshops around finding your soul’s purpose; healing from trauma; listening to your intuition; manifestation; healing; inner guidance and so much more.
Who’s interested?xxx

#PleaseShare #SpreadTheWord #SoulsPurpose

Please help me to raise funds for alternative therpaies.... gofundme.com/fimunro

“Why does the person continue to smoke, drink, eat 'bad' food, live a stressful life, not follow their dreams, carry negative thoughts, sustain emotionally draining relationships, or always put others first to the point of their own suffering?�Why are we so unable to change the 'water' of our own fish tank even at the point of our body *screaming* out in desperation for us to listen and make changes.” https://fkmunro.com/2018/01/23/what-if-cancer-was-not-the-body-trying-to-die-but-its-final-attempt-to-live/

Wow! What can I say?! I am overwhelmed with the abundance of love and light coming my way recently in the form of your generous donations to my funding campaign so that I can seek complementary therapies. In just a few days you have donated over £4000! My heart swells with gratitude for you all.

To keep you all up to date with all of the incredible changes I am making I will be writing a weekly update blog....the link to this week’s blog is below :) This week I share my experience of seeing a Chinese Medicine Doctor - which involved filling my belly button with herbs!!; Changing my Supplements; Saying No so I can Start Saying YES!; Yoga (of course!); Buying a Sauna; Body Stress Release Therapy and more!

Happy reading!

Love, light and healing to you all xxx

Please keep donating and fundraising so that I can have hope of alternative therapies abroad. Thank you xxx (https://www.gofundme.com/FiMunro)

I saw my awesome oncologist today.
The fluid on my lungs is malignant.
There are two little tumours in my body. One next to my left kidney and one on (not in) my right lung.

At this stage chemotherapy wouldn't be offered even if I wanted it (which I don't) as the tumours are little.
So, for now, we can monitor my lungs and drain them again as and when required. Then, after they are next drained, we can put talc in my lung cavity and that should hopefully prevent fluid returning for a while. This is called “talc pleurodesis”. There may also be trials in the future that I would be eligible for... I am sprinkling a lot of glitter on this thought!

I cannot go to Thailand...or get on a plane ever again as the risk of fluid returning is too high and, if that were to happen, I wouldn’t be able to breath very well with the air pressure. I am sad about this not just because I really wanted to go but also because I have already paid for the flights! HOWEVER Ewan and I will still be going away for three weeks in Feb...somewhere by train or boat...adventure (and hopefully some sunshine) awaits!

So what now?
I will take each day as it comes, thankful that I am still here and able to do all of the things that I love.

I will see the respiratory consultants and my oncologist regularly to monitor my lungs and overall health. I know I am in safe hands.

This weekend I was sad and angry (very angry) but now I feel more settled and know that, all things considered, I am very lucky to feel as well as I do.

I want to live my life as me, not as a cancer patient and fully expect to be treated exactly the same...jokes, dark humour and adventures are particularly welcome!xxx

Ps. I’m hoping I’ve preempted any questions...

This is the face you make when the respiratory consultant says that despite recent events they will do everything they can go get you to Thailand...now to convince the insurance company 🙈 #thinkpositive

I'm 'that' patient.

I'm the patient who brings in her own glass water bottle, rather than use the plastic hospital water jugs provided. It has three crystals inside it and a stick of charcoal too to help filter the water. I pour the water they provide me in their jugs into it.

I'm the patient who brings her own flask, rather then uses the mugs provided. I also bring my own organic mint tea bags.

I'm the patient who has friends and family bring in all of her food because a. Hospital food has been proven in several studies to reduce your nutritional intake and b. They remain unable to provide me with vegan and gf food anyway (I've now been offered eggs, steak and ham?) I'm the patient who will wear a hospital gown during a medical procedure but then, no matter the pain I'm in, will get dressed immediately after.

I'm the patient who washes, does her hair and puts on a full face of makeup every morning...even if it means washing my hair in a sink because they can't let me use the showers because everyone else in the ward had flu (such as the case is this time). I'm the patient who eats dinner with her husband every night (sometimes even a takeaway). I am the patient who stores and administers her own medication, rather than waiting for the 'drug trolley'. I am the patient whose husband sits silently beside her until she falls asleep, watching box sets together on an iPad.

I'm the patient who has pictures of unicorns above my bed, created by some of the much loved children in my life.

I am the patient who does yoga stretches in or beside her bed each morning, even with a chest drain.

I am the patient who asks a continuous stream of questions until I am satisfied that I know as much as I can about any given situation.

I am the patient who sits on her bed and meditates each morning, finishing each session with a series of 'Oms', regardless of who is listening.

I am the patient who brings in her own blanket to sleep under.

I am the patient who will take the hand of a stressed and tired nurse and tell them it is not their fault and they do not need to apologise to me.

I am the patient who will ask a dr if they need to take a moment to rest in the chair bes

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