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Fjällräven  Helping you enjoy the outdoors since 1960. We'll see you out there!

Monday morning views in Patagonia leave us speechless. 📷 @dansmoe #nextstopnature

This weekend we've been out making the most of our Swedish Right of Public Access law aka #allemansrätten. Find out more about what it means to Fjällräven on our blog (link in bio). We hope you've all had plenty of outdoor adventure hours too. #nextstopnature

It's a public holiday tomorrow here in Sweden, so we're heading off into the great outdoors. See you on the other side. ✌️#nextstopnature

Hands up who wants to escape here! (How can it only be Monday?!) 📷@airpixels #nextstopnature

All evenings should end with sunsets like this. #nextstopnature 📷@marcobaeni

Summer is so close we can taste it. #nextstopnature

What have you been up to this weekend? #nextstopnature #ecoshell

Weekend mode engaged. Complete with #fjällräven #tent and Keb #ecoshell (well, you never know what the weather will get up to, right?). #nextstopnature 📷@j_bonde

So it's been alternating between snow, rain and sun here in Sweden today. But you know what they say... there's no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing. We really put that to the test here in Sweden.

Not a bad place for a rest. Fjällräven friend @hynecheck takes a break with a view while testing his new #fjällräven gear in Slovenia. #abiskopaddedpullover #nextstopnature

Life goal #5: spend more nights in nature. #nextstopnature #abiskoshape #tent

Allemansrätten might be a weird sounding word (to non Swedes) but it has shaped Sweden's relationship to nature for years. Find out more about what this word means and how important it is to us at Fjällräven over on our blog (link in bio). #nextstopnature #allemansrätten

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