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lerk hermmings  @omgfivesos

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let us all follow @5soser1 pls she is hilarious and shes also @hemmosphered

hey guys i made a new account @omgfivesos bc of so many ghost followers on here so if you wanna follow then please do lmao and ill be giving away this account so dm me if you want it! love you all 👽



obsessed with these photos from yesterday i dont know sorry

pussy magnet

think im just gonna do some square photos until i figure out a theme btw what is a theme how do i theme

bang yeah bang luke hemmings

here i have me another lil rant ok i think that some fans are too demanding and too possessive of the boys which i guess isnt their fault bc we all love these boys to death but i mean im mostly here to enjoy their music (and their faces and muscles and legs and personalities etc etc) but of course id want to meet them and have them fall in love with me bc dont we all but im just sayin my main purpose is to enjoy the music and their faces and i dont get all this drama and shit but we dont need it in the fandom ok im leaving

cashton 💰💰💰

hey michael

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