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FIU Dazzlers  Official Instagram of the Florida International University Dance Team! 💛💙 PAWS UP ✨ #FIUSpirit


Hey there Panthers! It's #throwbackthursday so enjoy this picture of when I wanted nothing but to take hip-hop classes and become a break dancer😂💙 As a kid, my mom and I agreed that as long as I took a ballet class for her, I could take any dance class I wanted. Beyond thankful that my mom put me in my first dance class when I was just 4 years old and always encouraged me to pursue my passion of dance! #MiliSpotlightWeek #FIUSpirit #FIUDazzlers

Hi Panthers! It's Mili again. Just wanted to share with you a few things I love besides dance. I have done Musical Theatre since I was 5 years old and have done over 10 musical productions. Music, any genre, is something I absolutely cannot live without. I love listening to and discovering new music, which is where my love for festivals and concerts come in!! Aside from that, I absolutely love to travel (Disney being one of my favorite stops💓), animals, and enjoy going camping. Lastly, my love for kids is what tops everything! I'm a huge kid person, and I've been not only a teachers assistant the last 2 years I've been here in Miami, but I was also given the opportunity to have my own class of 1st grade rugrats! #MiliSpotlightWeek #FIUSpirit #FIUDazzlers

Heyheyhey Panthers!! It's Mili. Just wanted to tell you all some things about me! I was born right here in Miami, but moved to Cape Coral at a young age and began dance. My mom is both Cuban and Puerto Rican, and my dad is Puerto Rican. I have two younger brothers who are twins! I attended North Fort Myers High School where I was a dance major as well as a varsity cheerleader for all 4 years. My full name is Miliani, which is Hawaiian, but everyone calls me Mili for short! Come back tomorrow to learn some more about me💘 #MiliSpotlightWeek #FIUSpirit #FIUDazzlers

Congratulations to our Dazzler of the Game, Mili! Mili is a third year vet and one of our amazing team leaders studying Psychology. Stay tuned throughout the week to get to know our @miliani_roman 💕 #MiliSpotlightWeek #FIUSpirit #FIUDazzlers

Hello Panthers🌟 As my favorite dazzler memory, It would have to be the very first football game🏈. Along with my teammates and the cheerleaders, It was really exciting to express my FIU spirit on the field and win our first home game of the season!🐾✨💙🏆 #FIUDazzlers #FIUSpirit #KaylaSpotlightweek

#ThrowBackThursday❣️ Here’s to bringing back the middle school days when I would perform in my yearly dance recitals💃🏼. I was only four years old when I started dancing and since then I haven’t stopped. I have explored every style of dance such as ballet, tap, hip-hop, contemporary, modern, jazz-funk, and more🎶 Dance has always been my passion at such an early age and even now, I am learning new things day by day.🌟🌸❤️👯‍♀️ #TBT #FIUDazzlers #FIUSpirit #KaylaSpotlightWeek

Hey there🌻 Today I wanted to share about what I do in my everyday life besides dancing! I work as a Sales Associate, as one of the Top 5 Sellers at Michael Kors🛍. When I am not dancing, I spend time with family, friends, going to the beach🏝, and eating amazing food. Besides dance, I enjoy singing and taking pictures!🎤📸✈️🍣 Stick around for tomorrow’s throw back thursday❣️ #FIUDazzlers #FIUSpirit #KaylaSpotlightweek

Hello again🙂 Kayla here! I wanted to share some more about myself. My mother is Cuban-American and my father is Argentinian. I was born and raised in Miami (305🔥). I graduated from New World School of the Arts High School from the dance program. There I studied and was trained in all dance styles such as modern, ballet, jazz,caribbean, graham, and more. I also danced at Mencia Pikeris, where I competed at The Youth America Grand Prix and performed shows for all Miami-Dade County schools with The Miami Youth Ballet.💃🏼🌟❤️ Tune in for more tomorrow! #FIUDazzlers #FIUSpirit #KaylaSpotlightweek

Your Spirit Team is cordially invited to perform center court during a men’s or women’s basketball game with NDA's MOST SPIRITED PROGRAM 2017!
Cheerleaders, Dancers or performance based groups will be allowed to take center court at half time with a routine of your choosing and become the main attraction for family, friends and FIU fans!
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Hello Panthers!! Its Kayla!! I am thrilled to announce that this past saturday, I was chosen Dazzler of the Game! I am currently a rookie on the team and a freshman majoring in Nursing. I will be taking over the Dazzler’s Instagram, so stay tuned throughout the week to learn some more about me! @its_kayla_maria 🐾✨💙 #DazzleroftheGame #FIUDazzlers #FIUSpirit #KaylaSpotlightweek

Join us tomorrow at 7pm to support our boys as they go up against South Carolina 😼🏀 #FIUDazzlers #PawsUp #BasketballSzn ———————————————————————————— 📸 @lisaringer_dancingpickle

Happy thanksgiving panthers! I hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with blessings and a lot of food🦃🦃 As for my #ThrowBackThursday here are some pics of my favorite recital at Just Dance It! I am beyond grateful of my mother for always supporting me and being my biggest fan since Day 1❤️ #ClaudiaSpotlightWeek #HappyThanksgiving

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