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Erin Jacobsen  Happenings of my daily transformation to whole body wellness. Yoga. Piyo. Meditation. Bodywork.

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What better way to start the season with a gift basket from Witch in the Woods! Basket will include a whiskey candle + Rosemary & Lavender Body Lotion + Lavender Mint Lip Balm
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HEAT ADVISORY coming your way!!!! 🔥

August is here and summer is still in full force and we are still increasing that solar power energy of the sun. Please join us for a HOT 10-day yoga challenge #crankuptheYOGA August 10-19 ,right before back to school rolls your way. These hosts are going to get your internal heat flaring and create some amazing energy to keep you going with. .
Please join our hosts: .
🔥 @yogajosey
🔥 @calamityjill21
🔥 @atimeforflowers

We've paired up with some HOT sponsors: .
💥 @ahzalhea
💥 @buddhibox
💥 @everydayyogaescapetees . .
Rules for eligibility for prizes are: .
♨️ Follow all hosts and sponsors
♨️ post each daily pose and be sure to tag all hosts and sponsors in post
♨️ be safe and modify as needed
♨️ profiles must be set to public so we can all see your wonderful posts
♨️ include hashtag #crankuptheYOGA so posts can be found

So let's crank it up and have fun! Looking forward to see you soon! 🔥😘🔥

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Really excited to announce this new, creative challenge where you get to pick your backbending variations! 🎉With every heart opener and backbend, we welcome change, love and tons of light ☀️ Please join us as we celebrate #HeartFullOfSun from 14th - 23rd August, where we will be focusing on opening up those beautiful hearts ❤️ We have teamed up with 9 amazing sponsors that will provide 10 prizes 🎉 This is open to all levels, so listen to your body and take any pose or variation you would like 😊 Spread the word with your wonderful friends, and can't wait to see you all play along 🙏.
☀️ Sunny Hosts
❤️ Loving Sponsors
✨ For those who like to plan ahead, our backbending categories are:
1. Standing
2. Seated
3. Supine (on your back)
4. Kneeling
5. Prone (on your front)
6. Reclined (on your side)
7. Quadruped (on all fours)
8. Use a Prop
9. Inversion
10. Yogis choice
📝 Rules to play along
Repost flyer and tag some friends!
Follow and tag all hosts and sponsors!
Make sure your profile is public so we can see your gorgeous posts!
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Homemade energy balls #nobake #protein

Love me some PIYO! Who's with me? #feeltheburn
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Motivation #keepgoing

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Challenges make me nervous.. but I think it's time 🤗 ... Join the March Yoga Challenge #30daysofDOYOUYOGA 🙌⠀
Always wanted to start a yoga practice? 🕉 Or do you need a little push to start back up with your daily practice? 💫 Join in on all the fun this March for a chance to win some pretty amazing prizes! 🌺 This challenge is for ALL LEVELS of yogis to help us create inspiration and motivation for each other! 💞 Everyone is welcome...modifications & variations are encouraged! 🙃⠀
🌟 PRIZES! 🌟⠀
6 lucky randomly selected winners will win one of the following:⠀
- One year DOYOUYOGA Premium Account with unlimited access to the complete DOYOUYOGA library of classes and challenges! 🤸‍♀️⠀
- A pair of DOYOUYOGA's own brand △TWOFIVE△ yoga pants! 🤸‍♀️⠀
1. Repost this image to your feed (and bonus points if you tag a friend or two that would like to join in on the fun!) ✔️⠀
2. Follow @doyouyoga ✔️⠀
3. Practice with us starting March 1, 2017 & post a photo or video of the daily pose (or a modification of it!) on @instagram ✔️⠀
4. Tag your photos daily with #30daysofDOYOUYOGA & @doyouyoga ✔️⠀
5. Have fun! And participate in the community by liking, commenting and making new friends! 🤗⠀
Follow along with this challenge & boost your practice by signing up for the completely FREE 30 Days of Yoga Challenge at! Get a feel-good yoga flow led by the amazing @jessroseyoga emailed straight to your inbox every day for 30 days 🌟⠀
Are you in?! 💚

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💋❤Amanda and I have a special challenge for you guys coming up this February! #BeMineOmways ⚘😙😍
Starting on the first we will be posting one pose per week for the entire month. You can enter each day with a different variation! A winner will be announced after each week! 💋Week 1 sponsor: @mamaszen ❤Week 2 sponsor: @artistic_fit 💋Week 3 sponsor: @sheisstrongmalas ❤Week 4 sponsor: @gitayogaclothing
Meet back up with us on Feb 1st to start the challenge!
Repost this photo, tag a few friends to join! 😊✌Make sure you're following @saveserenityyoga and @monikakuriata and the sponsors!❤💋

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Hey there yogi friends 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Join us January 21st - 30th for #BodyMakeProject 🙆🏻 Because it's BODY CHECK TIME!
The holidays will be over & The New Year begins! Me and my lovely co-hosts will be posting a body check demonstration video every day. It's simple - Post a video or a picture of the days movement ... All levels welcome ✌️️ Check with the host of the day for the video demon stration 👇
. .
project1👉arm Stretch
please check @fumi_soul her instruction video
🔥day1 plank pose 🔥day2 warrior pose
project2 👉core Stretch
please chek @_monette her
instruction video
🔥day3 plank to shoulder taps
🔥day4 forearm plank to dolphin

project3 👉back Stretch
please chek @Suchitra_rx her
instruction video
🔥day5 dancer pose 🔥day6 tiger pose
project4 👉hip Stretch
please chek @inspired_by_jenna her instruction video
🔥day7 bridge pose
🔥day8 reverse plank pose

project5 👉total body make 🔥day9 check @fumi_soul
@_monette instruction video
🔥day10 check @Suchitra_rx
@inspired_by_jenna instruction video 💪hosts
@inspired_by_jenna 💖sponsors
@bunniesandzen_yoga_accessories @happyworldclothing

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I think we need this! Join us Jan. 10-20th for #yogis4unity to reaffirm our commitment to UNION as yoga practitioners! This challenge serves to remind us that we are all in this life journey together, we stand stronger as ONE, and will teach ways to bridge divides among us. The word yoga itself--from the sanskrit root 'yug'--means to unite. So how can we live that off the mat?
Each day, a host will post about one of the unity creating themes/practices below, along with their asana interpretation of that practice. You can post the same pose or your own!
Day 1: Serve others
Day 2: Show compassion
Day 3: Seek to understand
Day 4: Lift others
Day 5: Let it go
Day 6: Respect
Day 7: Kindness
Day 8: Listen
Day 9: Acceptance
Day 10: Peaceful communication
Your hosts (in posting order):
Rad Sponsors & challenge discounts:
@daughtersofculture - Use DOFC for 10% off
@yogaprowheel - $10 off for participants
@yogapaws - Use "Gratitude" for 30% off
How to join:
1. Repost this flyer and hashtag, then tag some friends to join!
2. Follow each host to connect with us daily as we post the day's theme & asana
3. Post a photo of YOUR interpretation of the day's theme AS an asana, with your thoughts on the day's theme in the caption
4. Follow our amazingly generous sponsors to score prizes at the end, and take advantage of their discounts during the challenge.
5. Have fun cultivating practices that build unity in your community and life off the mat!
We are so excited for this special challenge and look forward to cultivating unity across the world with YOU!!

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Last month I got a huge response from you all when I asked about interest in a beginner's #handstandchallenge hosted by yours truly, so here it is! Let's start the New Year right: join me and #giveyourselfahandstand! We begin Jan 14th!!
Do you feel intimidated by going upside down (with or without a wall)--like most challenges are geared towards people already holding a steady handstand? Do you want to join the fun, but need a starting point? Want to learn how to fall SAFELY and conquer fear? This challenge is for you. ❤
I am not a former gymnast or acrobat or veteran of any sport with inversions. First time I held a handstand, I was 24 🙈. Even as a kid, going upside down was not in my play repertoire and it scared the hell out of me. It's been a loooong journey toward building strength and conquering fear and I want to share what I've learned with you! Join me!
Host: @catvaladezyoga
Sponsors: @padmadesign & @_sweclothing
The Rules:
1. Repost this flyer and tag 3 friends, then tag #giveyourselfahandstand, me @catvaladezyoga, and sponsors
@_sweclothing @padmadesign in the caption and photo.
2. Follow me and my generous sponsors!
3. Post a photo for each day's pose/challenge practice and tag myself and all sponsors in the caption.
4. Have fun and get your handstand on!
Two winners will be announced on Feb 1! @padmadesign will gift one of their beautiful mala necklaces, and another lucky winner will score goodies from @_sweclothing. 😍😍😍

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