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FitThree  Eat Real Food 🍱 Clean & Chilled Ready-to-eat meals 🚚 Delivered Twice/week 🚴 Food for an Active Life 💰 10$ off 1st order HINEW · 👇UFIT C&L starting:

📣 Few more days before @ufitsingapore C&L  Challenge 21 start!📣

Our great partner UFIT Singapore is bringing you back the Clean&Lean challenge and you can still sign-up! Few days to the beginning of a leaner, healthier and happier body. 👊

Run by the only @wendyriddell, this 4 weeks will help you to understand and transform your body. Sign-up now with a 10% discountt (link in Bio) 👆

You can follow the course on-site from UFIT Singapore - or online with the C&L app. ...and to make it easier, FitThree has designed a specific menu with only approved ingredients.

Order now at:

📔 Saturday's read 👇

Meet Luciano; a familiar face especially to those familiar with F45.

Founder of several of the F45 studios here in Singapore, we talk to him about his daily routines, health philosophy, and how fitness has played a big part in his life.

Click in the link (bio) to read about why he does what he does, what balance means to him, and more!

Another week, another #FitThree recipe! 🤘
Always wanted to know how to get your fix of laksa but without the carbs? So check out our clean Chicken Laksa recipe
☝link in bio
And as our first recipe's publication was a quite popular read, you can expect this series to go on.
So take out your knives, pans & pots 'coz we're bringing you more clean and healthy recipes in the coming weeks.
Healthy eating doesn't need to be #Boring


It’s been said that good things are meant to be shared. #Have you experienced the benefit of a healthier diet? Why not share that new knowledge and love with the rest of your tribe?

Here at FitThree, we’re always on the lookout for new partners, pickup locations, and people to collaborate with; people with the same desire to help people live better.

Whatever the case, don’t be shy; reach out to us, we’d love to hear & partner with you:


For this week's interview, we talked with the one and only as he shares more about how he got into the fitness sphere, what health means to him, and the current love of his life
So if you’ve always wondered how TOP athletes stay in shape & manage their daily routines.... make sure to read Dylan’s interview (link in profile). -
Pssst... #spoileralert: it has nothing to do with a quick fix, but everything to do with a lifestyle change.

“You are what you eat”; a popular adage nowadays but one that rings so true & is at the heart of FitThree. 🍽
Made famous back in 1862 by Brillat-Savarin’s “tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are", the key message that good food is a must if you want to be healthy has been around for quite some time.
While macro-counting, calorie controlled meals, or specific diets are all great ways to reach short to medium term goals especially in regard to losing or gaining weight... we can't emphasize the importance of quality in regards to health. ·
You only have one body, and you have every right to know where your food is coming from & what you are putting into your body.
Here at FitThree, we take pride in sourcing ingredients in the most responsible manner; from our organic rice & red meats to antibiotic hormone free poultry. At the same time, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our sourcing because you deserve the best to be the healthiest version of you possible!
Any ideas? Drop us a dm! We’d love to hear from you!

Always wanted to attend a UFIT Clean &Lean Seminar? 👇
Wait no more and get an early bird promo of 20% OFF if you sign before the 22nd July.
We're blessed to work with the best in the biz & one of our great partners @ufitSingapore is running again their acclaimed nutrition seminar.  Learn from @wendyriddell how to change the right way as transforming your body follows an 80/20 rule – 80% of eating the right foods, and 20% of working your body.
This program provides you with the tools you need to reach your goals, whether you want to fit into that new pair of jeans, tone up or enjoys some new found energy.

FitThree's Conversation: Learn from the Best......👇 -
For our second interview,  we feature @dominicdacosta85 : a CBD worker by day and Fitness Enthusiast by night (and early morning). If you want to learn more about how he manages to find time to workout, his evolving journey in fitness, and his top advice for those looking to get started, check out our article on
Coming up next week:  Dylan Goddard, Athlete, Coach, Gym owner, and father.

Always wondered how we come up with those tantalising recipes each week?
As many of you know, our intent at FitThree is to provide on-the-go healthy options for individuals, regardless of goals and backgrounds.
At the same time, we want to eventually empower clients to make more informed choices and be able to cook for themselves.
In this new series, we give you a behind-the-scenes look at some of our most popular dishes.

So, click on that follow button and check out our blog for those recipes!

And the F45 Challenge is BACK! 👊

FitThree is excited to team up again with the great F45 studios to craft the recommended meals plan to make YOUR life easier for the full 8 weeks.

So wait no more and order your meals at

FitThree's Conversation: Learn from the Best...... We were lucky to sit down for our first FitThree's conversation with the only @thatunclesam.

Think of CrossFit in Singapore, and Samuel Lim name is sure to come up! Having been involved in the scene since it started, he is known by many as a fierce competitor, amazing trainer, and (now) a loving father.

We are excited to launch an interview series "Meet The Fit-professionals" and to kick things off, we talk to our first partner “Uncle Sam”: a familiar face in the CrossFit community and owner of CrossFit Fire City.

Make sure to check out to read about his journey as a fitness entrepreneur, his new role as a dad, and much more!

#FAIL When the Friday R&D session goes wrong.... Kitchen explosion!

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