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Patty Lauren CPT, FTS, CBI  Knoxville's elite in-home personal training service A holistic approach to fitness🏋🏼‍♀️🌱🧠 🚙 We come to YOU ⤵️ Sign up for my Holiday Hustle!

Embrace the shake! Hitting you with another set of barre moves - all legs! Complete each exercise for 20 reps each... breath through the burn and remember that’s where your muscles are changing! 💫
1. First Position Squats
2. Pulses - stay low 😉
3. Parallel Squats
4. Pulses - stay low 😉
The last slide gives you a super important reminder to keep your body in proper alignment to complete these moves! Tag me if you try them! 😘

Who is up for my Holiday Hustle?! The 30 day challenge kicks off on November 23rd. The Hustle is a great way to keep accountable during the holiday season!

Every participant will receive a printable, FitStyle custom calendar for daily goal check offs. Each week, receive a new workout from me along with tips on staying on track during all of your celebrations.

Read more about the challenge and sign up through the link in my bio!

TRX Core Challenger! Try any these 3 exercises as part of your workout or as a core set itself! Shoot for 12-15 reps of each!
* Pikes - lift the booty UP and control the descent
* Crunches
* Mountain Climbers - slow & steady or fast!

Triceps are some of my favorite muscles to work! Try these 3 moves for a killer 🔥 Complete each exercise for 20 repetitions and aim for 2-3 rounds of each! Comment below if you try! 💪🏼 PS: I’m using 2lb weights here!

Maybe my biggest announcement yet?! FitStyle is EXPANDING!

I am looking for a very special individual to join my company. I have an opening for an intern and I could not be more excited! I’ll be talking about this more in the coming days, but for now... you can click the link in my bio to read more!

A long time coming! 🖤 I can’t wait to have some fun little things coming your way soon!! A huge shoutout to the insanely talented (and equally kind) @elizabeth.willien for designing FitStyle’s custom logo! I’ll be sharing another beauty she made for me soon!

What are you consuming? 💭 I’m not talking about food. What are you scrolling through on social media?

Are you consuming uplifting, positive, encouraging messages from the people you “follow” and are friends with?

Do you find yourself feeling excited, hopeful, positive from these people? Or, do you find yourself feeling crummy, bad about yourself, or even grouchy after consuming messages from certain people?

Sometimes the best thing (aside from putting our phone away) is to UNFOLLOW. Unsubscribe. Hide. Sometimes we follow people we love but they make us feel emotions and feelings that are unhealthy and discouraging. It’s okay to step away - maybe it’s temporary or maybe it’s permanent. Be mindful of what you feed your 🧠!

Instagram deleted my video soooo here you go again!
Barre Arms 💪🏼 Feel the 🔥!
Complete 20 reps of each exercise 3xs
For reference, I’m using 3lb weights 💕

Mondays! I love them!! I didn’t always love them - in fact, I dreaded them with just like many others. Find ONE thing today to be thankful for. As we begin to concentrate on the gifts of each day we see how beautiful each day of the week is and how much we have been given!

🚨GIVEAWAY TIME🚨 I’m giving away 2 weeks of my custom, online personal training to you AND a friend!

Online training is a great way to stay accountable, have a plan when you go into the gym (or workout at home!), and still see results.

It’s custom because every workout is tailored to YOUR goals, body capabilities, and time commitment. You can use the workouts at home or in the gym.

How To Enter:
1. Tag your workout bestie or inspiration below
2. Like this picture
3. Make sure you and your friend are following @fitstyleknox

Contest ends Monday night at 7pmEST... 💪🏼

Celebrate every part of your life - it is uniquely yours! When we concentrate and appreciate the things we do have, the things we “wish” we had don’t seem so important. 💗💛🧡

It’s so important to have a PLAN - especially on the weekends! Write it down, put it in your phone, make a workout date with a friend, etc. Make it a commitment!

Weekends can easily push us back on our goals. Rest is crucial and having fun is important, but you still need to stay motivated and MOVE.

So - what are you doing this weekend to be active?! Let me be your accountability partner!! I’m getting back in my 🔥 yoga routine, have a couple of runs planned, and working on my barre practice!

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