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Fit Rebel  The World's Most Gorgeous Leggings For Women Who Train Fiercely & Sweat Beautifully! πŸ–ŒοΈ Hand Painted Batik Designs 🌏 Global Shipping #MYfitrebel

There's no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this! β€’

What a great time to be alive! Take a moment alone in nature to reflect & you will realise that there is a lot be be grateful for & to smile about β€’

Anddd, our Fairytale Collection launches on 31 May 2018 only at! β€’

Featured is the lovely yogi @kuihkapit sporting our Unicorn capris. As per all apparel in the #SENIbyfitrebel line, this design was hand drawn and painted by traditional batik artists of Malaysia! β€’

Part of the proceeds from the sales of these leggings go back to the artistic communities involved in this project to support and conserve this traditional craft πŸ–ŒοΈ β€’

Photo by @shaffiqfarhan

Holla to our favourite crossfit mum, @bronny74! 90kg is no joke. She kicks ass! πŸ’ͺ❀️ β€’

Regrann from @bronny74 - Sorry coach, sorry chest. The chainsaw strikes again. All force, no grace but after about 4 years of trying, I finally hit 90kg so I’m taking it β€’

@bronny74 is sporting #SENIbyfitrebel's Jellyfish inspired capris. Available at

Regrann from @elena_miss_yoga β€’

Good morning beautiful omies 🌞
Today I am showing an inversion from the Ashtanga Vinyasa Second series, Karandavasana.
For me is still a struggle, I can lower down, but there is no way, I can press back up without my teacher assistance. But, I still love it ❀️
@elena_miss_yoga is sporting #SENIbyfitrebel's Sakura-Panda leggings, available at

Be magical! πŸ¦„πŸŒˆπŸŽ† β€’

One of our favouritest shot, in one of our favouritest designs, with our favouritest yogi @kuihkapit 😊 β€’

Unicorn leggings, coming soon to on 31 May 2018! β€’

Magical photo taken by @shaffiqfarhan

Fit Rebel presents our Swan Lake inspired leggings! β€’

Coming soon to on 31 May 2018! β€’

Featured yogi @kuihkapit
Photo by @shaffiqfarhan

Those who don't believe in magic will never find it - Roald Dahl β€’

Introducing our Tinkerbell inspired leggings, one of our most magical prints! β€’

Coming soon to on 31 May 2018 β€’

Featured in this beautiful shot is the magical yogi @kuihkapit. Photographer of this beautiful shot is @shaffiqfarhan

And she lived happily ever after... Fit Rebel presents the Fairytale Collection! β€’

Coming to on 31 May 2018 β€’

Featured is @kuihkapit in our mermaid leggings. Illustration by @soefara and created into a batik artpiece by traditional batik artists of Malaysia. β€’

As per all the leggings in our #SENIbyfitrebel line, part of the proceeds from each sale go back to the artistic communities involved in this project to support and conserve this traditional craft! β€’ πŸ“· by @shaffiqfarhan


Available at on 31 May 2018! β€’

As with all previous designs on the #SENIbyfitrebel collection, the unicorn artwork was hand drawn & painted by traditional batik artists of Malaysia. Proceeds from the sale of these leggings go back to the artistic communities involved in this project to support & preserve this traditional craft. ❀️ β€’

Big thanks to @kuihkapit for your support and to @shaffiqfarhan for capturing this lovely shot 😊

A big shoutout to these lovely ladies for organising a free Zumba session first thing in the morning on Mother's Day today! What a super fun way to kickstart the day and to show appreciation to the wonderful women in our lives! β€’

Also, looking great in our #SENIbyfitrebel leggings! 😍😍😍

What a week it has been! Looking forward to a chill weekend and in light of all the excitement and historic event surrounding Malaysia's 14th General Elections, brighter days ahead for the future of Malaysia β€’

To brighten up our day today, figured that we would share a photos from one of our favourite yogi & pup duo, who are totally cute in this photo πŸ˜πŸ•πŸ˜˜ β€’

@cpymoos is sporting our 'Tropical Jungle' leggings, featuring a Heliconia inspired design, from #SENIbyfitrebel's Floral Collection β€’

Available at

First glimpse of the Mermaid Leggings, scheduled for release at the end of this month! β€’

On a separate note, kudos to my Malaysian brothers and sisters who participated in Malaysia's 14th General Elections and contributed to an amazing moment in our country's history! πŸ’™

Jenny of @everydayteacherstyle puts our #SENIbyfitrebel leggings to the test through a grueling workout and blogs about the results! β€’

Regrann from @everydayteacherstyle - So excited about a bold new option for fun, sweat-worthy workout pants: Seni by @fitrebelapparel ! Check out these gorgeous Tropical Jungle capris, which held up beautifully through a grueling 2.5 hour kickboxing and strength training workout (read my review at or click the link in my bio)

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