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Irene Pappas  Be the love you wish to see in the world. ❀️ Colorado Retreats πŸ’› Wooster OH πŸ’š Brooklyn NYC πŸ’™ Seattle WA πŸ’œ Proud Lake MI πŸ–€ Teacher Trainings ⬇️

Ohio I'm coming your way this weekend πŸ’› @flexyogawooster
I'm teaching 3 classes and 4 workshops!
Friday April 28
9:30am Vinyasa
12pm Hot Power Flow
5:45pm All Levels Flow + Meditation (donation based)
Saturday April 29
10:30am Level 1 Inversions & Arm Balances
1pm Level 2 Inversions & Arm Balances
Sunday April 30
10:30am Level 1 Flexibility & Backbends
1pm Level 2 Flexibility & Backbends
Link in my bio to sign up! (Original photo by @bentleycreativeagency)

Use your body as a tool to become a better human being. #yoga
Upcoming workshops:
Wooster OH @flexyogawooster
Brooklyn NYC @lighthouseyogaschool
Seattle WA @pure8hotyoga πŸ’• all levels welcome. Link in my bio for more info or to sign up! πŸ“· @bentleycreativeagency In @aloyoga

Every day I try to do the best I can to help ease the impact on our earth.
Small things add up- reusable grocery bags, saying no to straws, recycling and reusing as much as I can. Being conservative about food purchases, trying to waste as little as possible.
I definitely still slip up but I'm always working to take steps in the right direction. What about you? πŸ“· @bentleycreativeagency in @michi_ny

Brooklyn I'm coming back to @lighthouseyogaschool May 12-14!
Friday May 12 6:30pm - Yin/Yang Flow
Saturday May 13 2:30pm - Flexibility Workshop
Sunday May 14 12pm - Inversion Workshop
Click the link in my bio to sign up πŸ’• tag a friend πŸ™

We don't usually expect our bodies to perform without proper training, but what about our minds? Do we expect our minds to be focused, strong, and malleable without being trained?
I can only speak from my own personal experience, but I know my mind tends toward anxiety, depression, and doubt. Alternating between memories of the past stuck on repeat and worrying about what will happen in the future.
So what do we do?
The journey is different for each of us, but for me it started with training my body, because this is a representation of the mind in a tangible form.
By using the breath and awareness of sensation I have been able to strengthen my mind/ body connection. And this is where the real work begins. Using this awareness to choose my thoughts more wisely. I've noticed major progress because things that once would have sent me on a downward spiral no longer bother me. And thoughts that would have haunted me for days can be acknowledged and sometimes even understood- before miraculously being let go.
I know there's still so much work to be done, but I'm beyond grateful for how far I've come. #yoga
Upcoming workshops in Richmond VA, Wooster OH, Brooklyn NYC, Seattle WA and more. Check the link in my bio for info on workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings. πŸ“· @brookemichellej

Richmond VA ✨ Wooster OH ✨ Brooklyn NYC ✨ Seattle WA ✨
Come practice with me πŸ’›
Link in my bio to sign up. πŸ“· @bentleycreativeagency in @aloyoga

I just want to help people feel better in their bodies. For a while my yoga practice was fueled by instant gratification. I wanted to do cool poses, and I wanted to do them now. I didn't think much about how my body would feel in 5, 10, or even 50 years, and as a result I injured myself multiple times.
I wish I could say I am completely past pushing myself, but I'm not. It's still a daily struggle to not have expectations of my body, and to strive for balance instead of depth. But this is the gift I am beginning to be able to share with my students (and myself). To use the practice to bring us closer to balance so that we may find contentment and peace through long term gratification. And through that wake up each day in less pain - whether the pain is physical or emotional.
This practice is a tool and we get to decide how we use it. #yoga πŸ“· @bentleycreativeagency in @aloyoga

Love, like energy, is neither created or destroyed. πŸ’›
Upcoming workshops: Richmond VA, Wooster OH, Brooklyn NYC, Seattle WA
Teacher trainings: Bali (200hr), Costa Rica (300hr), Mexico (100hr)
Click the link in my bio for more info or to sign up! πŸ“· @bentleycreativeagency in @aloyoga

I used to dread this pose, but with time and practice it has become one of my favorites. ❀ Ohio yogis I'm coming back to @flexyogawooster at the end of April for a weekend of workshops. I'm teaching two flexibility workshops and two inversion workshops- check my website for all the details (link in my bio). Love my @liforme yoga mat ❀ use code fitqueenirene for a discount
πŸ“· @samseesworld

I love practicing with @adrian_mccavitt
Can't wait to see you all this week at @theyogadojo in Richmond, VA! I'm teaching a vinyasa class and a flexibility "flow-shop"
Link in my bio to sign up ❀ song is Unraveling by Salt Cathedral

I used to be such a people pleaser that I had no idea who I was. I was so busy trying to make everyone else happy that I didn't see the value in learning what made me happy. I was a chameleon, a different person in each situation with no foundation to stand on.
It's been interesting to break these habits. To learn who I am, and to stop apologizing for it. To find people that love me and stop trying to convince the people that don't.
I'm far from perfect, but I know I'm heading in the right direction because I have so much love in my heart for those that love me, and just as much love for those that don't. 🌺 wearing @werkshop πŸ“· @leecherry

Seattle yogis I'm finally coming your way ❀
May 20 - Liquid Spine 1-3pm
May 21 - Effortless Inversions 1-3pm
Link in my bio to sign up πŸ’•πŸ“· @brookemichellej

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