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FitnessWithSophie  💪Personal Trainer and Online Coach 👉Grenade discount code - sophie25 ❤️chocolate ❤️wine ❤️family 💌 sffitness10@gmail.com

Barcelona bound ✈️ Prosecco in hand and ready to relax with this ball bag ❤️

6 weeks of hard work is paying off for this beauty.
She will remain nameless but WOW is all I can say. Consistency with your training and nutrition is all it takes to see the results you crave so much.

Well done to this absolute babe. You are going to look stunning on your wedding day and this is just the beginning for you, we have months to go and look what you have managed to achieve already ❤️🔥 #girlswholift

6 months of hard work in the gym and nailing her nutrition and my client @kirstyk6935 has absolutely smashed her photoshoot.

Probably one of the best transformations I have seen since working at Grenade.

Proud doesn't even cover half of what I feel about this ladies transformation.

Well done for throwing everything you have into this for 6 months beaut ❤️❤️ #photoshoot

One thing I am learning as I get a bit older is that in order for me to be happy I have to be true to myself and accept that it is ok to be who you are and not who you think you should be.

There is a certain amount of pressure to look a certain way when working in this industry and to a certain point I absolutely agree. I think it is important that we practice what we preach.
I have proven twice in the last year that I can lean down and do photoshoots and competitions and that to me was easy (ish) because I had a set goal and an end date! What I struggle with more is staying in shape whilst juggling normal life.

I can be guilty of looking at girls on instagram and thinking.... right.... that's it..... from now on 1600 cals, walk everywhere and no wine. It then gets to the weekend and it all goes out the window. Now, this isn't because I don't have the will power as I have proven to myself many times that when I want to I can lean right down and achieve the look I can be guilt of chasing. The problem for me is that my WANT to lean down and walk around with abs is actually a lot less than wanting to eat out with ollie, friends and family and relax after a heavy week.
Now this is ok, as long as I remember that this is a choice and I am not 'unlucky' I make a choice to not have abs and not walk around looking like a fitness model all the time.
The girls that walk around like fitness models work bloody hard to do that and have to make a lot of sacrifices. They are not lucky! I am not unlucky. I chose to go out and socialise and drink too much prosecco and they chose to nail their macros day in day out and probably live in a deficit.
Try not to be angry about what you don't have if you haven't actually done the work to get it! You can't be angry at a millionaire who works 20 hours of the day for having more money than you if you work 9-5 and then go home and watch Eastenders. Just like you cant be angry at in shape people and feel hard done by when you went to the gym twice last month and ate cake for breakfast at the weekends 😋😋 Be ok with the choices you make and the consequences of your actions. ❤️ #motivationalmonday

6 and a half weeks out from her first ever competition with @pureelitecomp and my girl @shona_paffey_pt is looking incredible.
As if comp prep isn't hard enough, this hottie has to juggle being a mum of two, working full time as a personal trainer and let's not forget the fact that she is going to take part in tough mudder in just over a week 🙈 not normal behaviour I know 😂

This girl is an absolute warrior and actually inspires me rather than the other way round.
@shona_paffey_pt you are a legend and I can't wait to watch you on stage ❤️❤️ #competitionprep

Throwback to choosing outfits for my photoshoot, just before my comp in May. I remember thinking I looked huge..... prep brain 🙈🙈 #stopeatingcarbs

This is so true 🙌

This absolute stunner is my client Louise @magentahairedmunchkin
This lady has not only transformed her body but also her mind. Would you believe this beauty doesn't realise how incredible her body is and how blinking strong she is. But we are working on it and Louise has started to believe in herself which is amazing.

Thank you @snhfoto for helping myself and Louise show off all of her hard work and for putting her at ease throughout the photo shoot.

My amazing online client @shona_paffey_pt showing us how comp prep should be done 👏👏 #Repost @shona_paffey_pt (@get_repost)
It took every last inch of will power, old school Kanye and black coffee to get me in the gym today🙈
It's ok to have that feeling every now and again as long as you pull them big girl pants up and get shit done!
Over these past few weeks I've been keeping a note of how I've been feeling mentally, everyone sees the physical change side of prep but I feel that the psychological part gets overlooked, it's hard and draining but very rewarding at the same time! COMPLICATED🙈
Bit like us strong women really😊
I'm really trying to keep the positive attitude towards every thing and I do remind myself every day I chose to do this no one forced me😂😂

Sundays are my most favourite day ❤️

Nice chilled day with @naomi_keddie yesterday! There are not enough filters in the world to make me look good when I am ill 😂😂

Top reasons you may not be losing weight -
Not tracking correctly - cooked/uncooked weights, not tracking drinks and sauces, or not tracking the things you know would take you over your cals- be honest with yourself, the only person you are cheating is yourself.
Weekend blow outs - we are all guilty of it, we have a long week at work and the weekend arrives and we think sod it…… I will have a bottle of wine or a pizza or a bag of pick and mix. If your weight is staying the same and you find yourself doing this and calling it a ‘cheat meal’ then you have probably just re eaten the calories you have been working so hard to reduce during the week.
Cheat meals - it is so easy to undo all of your hard work with one ‘cheat meal’ to give you an idea- . 1 jar of Nutella is 4000 calories, half a jar of this bad boy and you are likely to have eaten 1 and a half days worth of calories- and don't pretend you have never put a spoon in that jar!!! . 1 large pepperoni Dominoes pizza is 2,300 calories. That is probably over a days extra food for most of us in one pizza. . 1 tub of cookie dough ben and Jerrie's ice cream is 1,148 calories - almost a whole days food in one tub of ice cream

See how easy it is to undo what you have been working so hard for all week in one meal!!!!!! Being on a rigid meal plan for too long - this will give you red button syndrome which means you crave all of the foods you haven’t been allowed to eat. This is why I will mostly encourage my clients to do flexible dieting/tracking of macros as it gives more variety and allows for more of a life whilst dieting.
Calories being too low - yes you will lose weight but I can almost guarantee you will end up eating the world in about 6 weeks time!!! Emotional eating - us females are so guilty of this, I do it for sure!!! I have a bad day and make myself feel better with a chocolate bar, I have a good day and reward myself with a chocolate bar!! So basically the only time I don't eat chocolate is on an average day. Mmmmmm…..maybe thats something I need to address….lol!!! There are many many but these are the most common ones I see so I hope this helps ❤️❤️ #weightloss

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